Ways To Get Rid of Extra Items Before You Move

April 15, 2022
Ways To Get Rid of Extra Items Before You Move

Ways To Get Rid of Extra Items Before You Move: When it’s time to relocate, you may discover that you have a lot of junk that you don’t want to take with you. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for disposing of all of this stuff that you no longer use. Before you move, here are six techniques to get rid of unnecessary items.

They Can Be Donated

If you have belongings that you need to get rid of immediately, consider donating them before the movers arrive. You can donate them to a local thrift store or have a charity come to your house and take them up.

Sell them on the internet

Many people find that selling extra belongings online is a great way to get rid of them before moving. It’s a fantastic approach to reaching a large number of people without putting in a lot of effort. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to take good images of your things so that people can see what you’re selling.

Check with your neighbors to see if they have any needs

Ask your neighbors if they need anything if you’re searching for a simple way to get rid of some of your extra stuff. They are welcome to visit your home and look at some of the items you are discarding. They might also be eager to assist you in packing if it means they get first dibs on some of the goods you don’t want.

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Hold a Garage Sale

You might be able to generate some money by having a yard sale, which you can use to pay one of the local moving companies to move your belongings. Simply put up posters and place an ad on the internet to let others know about your yard sale.

Give them to your family and friends as gifts

If you have things you don’t need but don’t want to give away or sell, try donating them to friends or family members. This will allow these people to take pleasure in them as well.

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Post them for free on the internet

You’ll find that putting something for free online allows you to get rid of almost anything. If you don’t have a lot of time to sell items or have someone go through all of your belongings individually, this is an excellent way to get rid of them.

Before you move, check through all of your belongings to ensure that you aren’t taking anything with you that you don’t need. Using the strategies given above, you may easily get rid of all of this superfluous stuff. It will take some time to sift through your belongings and get rid of them, but it will be worth it because you will be able to move more quickly and have less clutter in your new home.

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Ways To Get Rid of Extra Items Before You Move

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Checklist Before Moving Into a New House

March 16, 2022
Checklist Before Moving Into a New House

Checklist Before Moving Into a New House: Moving into your first apartment or simply moving into another condo or house? These fundamental things are critical to have before going through the first night in your new home. After the entirety of that unloading, envision not having the option to take a shower because you don’t have a shower window or curtain? Thus, we composed this helpful checklist to make your move-in as consistent as the remainder of your turn.

Kitchen Essentials

Moving into the kitchen there are a couple of things that you may have chosen to toss out or abandon while moving, however, that doesn’t make them any less important to have in your kitchen. Beyond dishware, silverware, and that costly arrangement of pots and skillet that you likely packed during your turn or move, possibly your last condo had a microwave previously installed and this new one doesn’t.

Set aside some effort to compose your kitchen and choose where the entirety of your apparatuses will go. Consider things like a dish rack, paper towel holder, and cutlery organizers as they might not have been packed. Tupperware and Ziploc bags ought to likewise be bought alongside any flavors and spices that may have been tossed out or abandoned to prepare your kitchen cooking at the very beginning.

Electrical Wires

Make a point to pack at any rate a couple of electrical extension wires on the off chance that those light attachments don’t come to the closest outlet. Ideally, during your packing procedure, you marked the entirety of your wires or stuffed them with the appliances they go into so you aren’t left with a case brimming with irregular or random wires.

It’s additionally a smart thought to pack a surge defender and protector or electrical extension for areas around TV consoles and personal computers where you’ll likely have numerous things that should be connected near one another. While an electrical extension just permits you to plug different things into one outlet, a surge protector or defender will ensure your gadgets in case of a power spike. It’s consistently a smart thought to get two or three packs of AAA and AA batteries for things like remotes and family unit appliances that may require them.


Regardless of whether you packed the entirety of your holders and hangers for your move, think about purchasing an additional set of holders. Things like plastic bins or vacuum storage bags are extraordinary in case you’re rationing or conserving space, as is generally the situation in condos.

These likewise make putting away those winter or summer garments when they’re unavailable a lot simpler. Ensure that you stuffed plastic containers that fit under your bed or inside your new storage rooms. This would likewise be an opportunity, particularly when scaling down if a storage unit would be helpful for your move.

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Restroom and Bathroom

The first thing on this rundown is a shower curtain with a liner. Possibly you as of now have an ornamental or funny shower curtain that you stuffed as a part of your turn or move; we’d at present advise that you replace the liner while moving into another spot or place.

Things like amplifying cosmetics mirrors may be significant in the event that you didn’t pack yours, during the move. Does your new residence have a bathroom tissue holder appended to the wall? In the event that it doesn’t snatch yourself a standing bathroom tissue holder and to adjust this piece of the housing stock up on tissue, toilet brush or scrubbing pads, and an unclogger.

Grab a disinfectant explicitly for washroom surfaces. On the off chance that you didn’t pack one it’s additionally critical to have medical aid or first aid kit in your new home because during the moving procedure and beyond accidents happen that may require purifying balm or disinfecting ointment, bandages, ace wraps, and bandages and some over the counter pain relievers.

Windows and Lighting

While natural light is imperative to consider while thinking about another apartment or house, you would prefer not to be woken up at the beginning of the day. Does your new residence as of now have blinds on the windows? If not, think about your choices between blinds, draperies, and shades for the entirety of your windows. While blinds and window ornaments will allow in some light in any event, when shut, you should consider blackout draperies or shades for your room and something other than what’s expected in the front room and kitchen area.

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Window ornaments, curtains, and shades likewise give you more protection which ought to likewise be viewed when settling on this choice, particularly in case you’re moving from a house to a high-rise apartment. With regards to electrical lighting, check whether the overhead lights accompanied dimmer switches. These can be installed later, however when you simply move in begin contemplating where you can put any lights you may have packed with you during the move. Try to have a couple of extra bulbs concealed too, in the event of some unforeseen issue.

The Basics

A basic toolbox incorporates a mallet or a hammer, a screwdriver set, a flexible wrench and pliers, nails, screws, and conceivably a drill. Having this close by will make the way toward hanging things on your dividers simpler. In case you’re leasing a loft, consider sticky hanging hooks instead of nails. Doing this will expand the chance of getting your whole security deposit back when you move out. Including a crate or box, the cutter will prove to be useful considering you may have many moving boxes to separate.

Living in a structure with a doorman is an unexpected circumstance in comparison to living in a house. On the off chance that you live in a high rise without a porter, think about changing one of the locks. The past tenants or their companions may have key duplicates, and landowners once in a while change locks. It’s sufficiently simple to unscrew your locks and replace them with new ones. In the event that you have to employ a locksmith, it isn’t as costly on the off chance that they are simply changing a lock.

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Successful Interstate Moving Guide

February 25, 2022
Successful Interstate Moving Guide

Successful Interstate Moving Guide: Moving is most likely on everybody’s least favorite activity list. Regardless of whether it’s two or three houses down the road, a couple of states over, or cross-country, it is terrible without a doubt. It is exorbitant, tedious, and can be overpowering. To make it the least excruciating experience that could reasonably be expected and fruitful.

Successful Interstate Moving Guide

Have a plan! 

 As soon as you know you are moving, have a plan. Whether you like to use a complicated spreadsheet on the computer or old-school pen and paper. You should write down everything that needs to get accomplished with a timeline. 

Speaking of timeline, stay on schedule

 Be up to date with school enrollment and utility installations. Nobody wants to walk into a new house with no power.

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You want the only best movers to move your valuables but at a good price. Make sure to get at least three different quotes from different moving companies.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company 

After you go through the different quotes, make a decision based on their reputation and it doesn’t hurt to ask around or read reviews. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Get important documents updated 

When you change addresses there is a lot of documents that need to be updated such as your license and car registration. Make a list of all documents that need an address update and do it ASAP. Not a tip that should be ignored.


we can’t forget that you are putting your valuable in the hands of others. Check out what the moving company’s insurance covers and, depending on how many valuable you have, you may want to buy a better plan.

Now the simple stuff is out of the way , packing. Regardless of how frequently you have packed, long-distance is an entire other story. These tips will assist you with setting aside time and cash and furthermore ensure everything shows up in your new home securely and flawless.

interstate moving

Make a list of your belongings that you will be taking

 Even though you know what your property is yours, it’s a lot easier just to check off a list to make sure everything has arrived.

Does everything fit?

 Some items you may think you can eye if it fits or not. To make sure take measurements of the rooms so you don’t move a king-size bed frame that doesn’t fit.


This will save you money. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year, appliances you don’t use, and books you’ve already read. If you don’t love it, use it or need it, toss it. If you have enough items you could hold a garage sale but either way, you will still save money by not having that much more to pack and move.


When you unpack it will be a lot easier to know which area of the house the items go into. As your packing label each box by area or room and you can even put a number that corresponds with the number on your inventory list.

Triple check your belongings 

before the movers get there make sure to go over your inventory list to ensure everything is accounted for upon arrival at your new home.

Here at Wowmover, our expert staff will help you on your next interstate move in a sheltered and opportune way. We are long movers with long periods of involvement with effectively executing many moves all through the United States for families and organizations. It’s not possible for anyone to beat our low costs and solid movers. Presently it’s our chance to help make your interstate movement a total achievement.

Know Your Rights: What to Do When Movers are Late?

February 21, 2022
Know Your Rights: What to Do When Movers are Late?

Moving according to plan is truly nice and that is reality particularly if you have professional movers to deal with the move for you. Unfortunately, a few things may avoid your control regardless of how arranged and composed you are during the whole cycle. The issue emerges when everything is set yet your moving crew is late. You’re already in a tight timetable and hanging tight for them isn’t fun in any way.

Read on this article as we’ll give basic hints on what to do when your movers don’t show up on schedule.

Remain quiet and stay calm

Worrying too much doesn’t take care of the issue. Subsequently, it’s ideal in the event that you refrain yourself from panicking, Rather than burning through your time contemplating the possible worse scenarios, you would do well to remain quiet and utilize the time all the more proficiently. All things considered, you can’t do anything besides hold up until you learn the reasons why they’re late.

Contact the workplace of the moving company

Working with a moving company implies you should know their telephone number and the name of the delegate to converse with when an issue emerges. While there can be a ton of reasons why they didn’t show up on schedule, the best thing is to contact their office and ask them when the moving team will show up. You should also get all the data from them politely however firmly so you’ll realize what to do straightaway.

Use the waiting time efficiently

If there’s one thing you can do if the moving crew will show up later than expected, that is to hang tight for just a couple of hours and make everything work. There are, indeed, a few different ways where you can benefit from your time while sitting tight for the relocation.

You can even use the waiting time effectively by taking care of all your unloaded things and ensure everything is prepared for the move. From the marking of moving boxes to the arrangement of essentials, utilize that accessible time admirably.

Notwithstanding, If somebody tells you that the mover can’t go in close to the booked day, at that point it’s the ideal opportunity for you to adjust your next timetable.

last-minute moving company

Call the moving company for the re-arrangements

The second you’ve learned that your mover won’t have the option to assist you, at that point try to talk with them again to make revisions of the timetable.

Yet, in the event that you neglect to contact them out through their telephone numbers, visit their website and search for an alternative contact number. Keep in mind, you should continue trying until somebody in the organization will get the telephone and accommodate your concerns.

If your mover doesn’t show up following a couple of days, it’s a reasonable sign that you should search for a last-minute expert to do your home relocations.

What’s more, since you’ve likely paid a deposit or downpayment, don’t stop for a second to peruse and check your agreement well as you might be entitled to cashback.

Hire last-minute moving company

Even if everything appears to be so disappointing with your original moving organization, there’s as yet nothing to worry about on the grounds that last-minute moving company will consistently be there to assist you with settling the difficulty you’re involved with.

This is the best and last answer to consider when you’re confronting this sort of unfortunate circumstance. In spite of the short notification, this last-minute moving company will at present have the option to deal with your local moving as smoothly as could reasonably be expected.

Hence, find the correct replacement company that will most likely ward the worry off and will assist you with getting got comfortable your new home.


Much of the time, traffic jams and other issues can cause your mover to show up after the expected time. With these sorts of reasons, you can be certain that they’ll come over no matter what. Notwithstanding, in case you’re expecting for the moving crew for a more extended timeframe, it’s sad to say but you may have been a victim of a fraudulent moving company.

To ensure it’ll not occur, you need to check the mover’s accreditations before you sign any agreement with them. Make certain to request proposals or even get a few referrals to abstain from being a prey of moving fraud. Be prepared because everything is possible.

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How Much Does It Cost to Move from California to Florida

February 4, 2022
How Much Does It Cost to Move from California to Florida

How Much Does It Cost to Move from California to Florida: If you’re searching for a change of pace and scenery, Florida may appear to be a more appealing option than living in California. An area with a lower unemployment rate signals a better working environment for job seekers, while residents can budget much more easily due to a cheaper cost of living.

Living expenses

The cost of living in Florida is in line with the national average, while the cost of living in California is consistently roughly 50% higher. Other amenities in both states are reasonably priced, except for housing. In both locations, grocery stores, utilities, and health care are all average.

Climate & Weather

The weather patterns and zones in California are significantly more diversified than what you’ll find in your new house. Florida’s climate is nearly solely humid subtropical, but California’s climate ranges from desert to alpine. A warm and moist winter follows the long, hot, and humid summers.

Various Activities to Take Part In

Every year, tourists swarm both California and Florida, and for good reason. Many of the state’s attractions include many national and state parks, Hollywood, and more than 800 miles of beaches.

Florida, for example, has almost 1,300 miles of coastline, including the beaches of the Gulf Coast and the Keys. The nightlife, fine dining, and culture of the cities are well-known, while the many theme parks and resorts are easily accessible for more family-friendly entertainment.

Culture & Lifestyle

Florida and California are comparable in that they both have large immigrant populations that have affected their culture in significant ways. This is especially true in urban regions, which have a different temperament and mentality than rural places.

Both states are regarded as more laid-back resorts with a plethora of attractions for tourists. Long-term inhabitants, on the other hand, can make use of both. You should prepare for a much more heated election season than you’re used to in terms of politics. With a stark urban-rural divide, Florida is a battlefield state. This could have an impact on where you choose to reside, depending on your beliefs.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from California to Florida

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Existing Job Openings

You’ll be shifting between two prospering states when you move from California to Florida. Every year, Florida’s gross state product exceeds a trillion dollars. Trade and transportation are two of Florida’s most important industries, due to the high volume of local and international commerce that passes through its ports. In most areas of the state, they, together with healthcare, hospitality and tourism, and education, provide lots of job possibilities.

Housing Costs

The cost of housing in Florida is substantially lower than in California. California’s housing costs are 139 percent higher than the national average, whereas the Sunshine State’s housing costs are only 2% higher than the national average.

The typical rent in Florida is $1,266, while the median cost of property is $235,913. When compared to California’s rent of $1,615 and homeownership of $589,890, this is a bargain. It is true that Florida’s median household income is $22,000 lower than that of the state of California, but the benefits of lower housing prices cannot be emphasized.

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What is the cost of moving from California to Florida?

The following moving costs are based on a 3,000-mile journey from Sacramento, California, to Orlando, Florida.

Average Moving Costs

The prices shown here are averages based on real-time data from our top moving companies. You should collect as many quotations as possible from as many movers as possible before making a booking with any moving company. You’ll be able to better assess your movers if you do this.

If you choose to do it yourself, a cross-country move will cost you roughly $1,500 on average. Of course, if you want to hire moving help at both ends, your charges will most certainly be higher.

1 BR Cost
2 BR Cost3 BR Cost4 BR Cost
Full-Service Move$5,100$6,000$8,750$11,250
Moving Container$2,150$3,300$3,650$4,971

Cost Factors

Your relocation costs are influenced by a variety of factors. The following are a few of the most important ones to keep in mind as you plan your trip.

Add-on services, such as packing, vehicle shipment, or custom crating, can significantly increase the cost of your relocation. These should be taken into account early on in the moving process when determining your budget.

Are you ready to move? Let us help you make your move easily.

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How to Protect Yourself While Moving (COVID-19)

February 1, 2022
How to Protect Yourself While Moving (COVID-19)

Need to make moving during COVID-19 as smooth and simple as could be expected under the circumstances? There are numerous steps you can take to prepare your home for the movers, keep up a safe distance, and alleviate the danger of coronavirus.

Moving During the Covid-19: Dos and Don’ts Comprehensive Guide

How to move during the Coronavirus pandemic – Moving (COVID-19)

Plan Your Travel

By what means will you travel to your new home? In front of moving day, take care to ensure your travel plans are as safe as could be allowed and can be adjusted if necessary. On the off chance that you need an inn or flight, book refundable reservations and ensure the cancellation policy will secure you if plans change.

Practice Safe Hygiene Measures

Wash your hands much of the time while moving, regardless of whether you aren’t loading boxes. Abstain from contacting your mouth and face. While interacting with movers, you can likewise wear gloves and a face mask for extra assurance; your movers ought to likewise be wearing gloves.

Sanitize your Belongings

As best as you are capable, keep your things Sanitize and free from germs by putting things in plastic bags and boxes. wrap your furniture in plastic that can be discarded when you are in your new home. Wear gloves when you unload and wash your hands regularly. Attempt to constrain outside exposure to your things in travel.

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Practice Social Distancing

Your movers will be well disposed of yet keep up a safe distance during the coronavirus outbreak. Take care to likewise rehearse social distancing by remaining in any event 6 feet from the moving crew.

Give Hand Washing and Disinfection Supplies for Movers

If possible, leave hygiene products your movers can use to follow safe hand washing practices. You can leave paper towels and cleanser by your sink and hand sanitizer and bleach wipes by the passage.

Utilize New Cardboard Boxes

On the safe side, just utilize new cardboard boxes from your moving companies, bought at the store or boxes you as of now have at home. Abstain from utilizing reused moving boxes in light of the fact that coronavirus lives on surfaces like cardboard for as long as 24 hours.

Be Prepared For the Movers

At the point when the moving crew shows up, it’s useful to leave open entryways and windows in your home to improve indoor ventilation. Expanding the ventilation rate is accepted to diminish the cross-contamination of airborne irresistible ailment by weakening or evacuating polluted airborne droplets.

To keep your move easier and safer during this tough time, here are the best interstate moving and storage companies to help you with your moving needs.

Moving Tips: Things to Do During The Coronavirus Pandemic
4 Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Moving
COVID-19 Update: How to Prepare your Move during Corona Pandemic?

Tips That Will Help You Plan an Interstate Move

October 26, 2021
Tips That Will Help You Plan an Interstate Move

Tips That Will Help You Plan an Interstate Move: All relocation necessitates meticulous planning, and interstate moves are no exception. You’ll need to consider everything from how you’ll transport your stuff to who you’ll need to tell about your new address, as well as a slew of other factors in between. We’ve put together this short and comprehensive guide to interstate moving to help you connect the dots. It includes everything you need to know for a seamless transfer to another state, as well as suggestions and advice along the way to make it as stress-free as possible.

Make a decision on where you want to live

Finding a place to live in your new city or town is one of the most challenging aspects of interstate moves, as you won’t be able to go out apartment or house hunting in person. We recommend working with a local agent who is knowledgeable about the area and can assist guide you in the correct way, whether you’re renting or buying.

Start your search early to provide yourself ample time to investigate and evaluate your possibilities, and be on the lookout for rental scams. Scammers prey on people looking for homes from out of state because they’re more inclined to send money before seeing a property. Working with a real estate or rental agency is essential for this reason.

Are you afraid of renting or buying a home without seeing it first? If you can’t get out for a visit before signing the dotted line, consider a short-term rental and then make a more permanent decision once you’ve moved in.

Make a moving budget

Without asking you to take a step back and dive into your budget, no guide on interstate moving would be complete. Moving to a new state isn’t inexpensive, so it’s crucial to set your budget expectations ahead of time to avoid any unpleasant shocks.

To obtain an idea of how much your interstate relocation might cost, use our moving cost calculator. Also, when making a budget, don’t forget to include in all of the extra expenses you’ll have to add to your total. These are some of them:

As a general rule, the more items you have to transport, the more money your relocation will cost. This is true whether you hire a professional moving company or drive a rental truck yourself. Consider moving with fewer people if you need to save money. Donating, selling, and/or responsibly disposing of items you no longer want or need—or those that will simply be cheaper to acquire once you’re in your new state—is a good method to save costs and make your interstate relocation more cost-effective.

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Determine the logistics of transportation

The way you select to move yourself and your belongings are primarily determined by the moving budget you’ve set. Based on transferring the goods of a two or three-bedroom house 1,000 miles, the average cost of hiring professional movers for an interstate relocation is $4,890. (By comparison, the average cost of a local move is approximately a third of that, at $1,250.)

Do you prefer to do things yourself? Renting a moving truck for your interstate relocation will save you a lot of money—about $1,700 for a 10 foot U-Haul truck going from New York to Miami, depending on who you rent from and what (if any) specials you can get. To find out what trucks are available and how much they cost in your location, use our truck rental center.

Moving containers are another wonderful choice since they allow you to pack and ship your belongings for a fraction of the cost of hiring a moving company. They’re more expensive than rental trucks, with an average cost of just over $2,200, and you’ll have to pay for your own travel accommodations separately, but if you want to save money on your move and avoid driving a moving truck across the country, this is a terrific offer.

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Prepare a packing list

When it comes to packing for your interstate relocation, there’s no time to spare because you won’t be able to dash back and forth to get your belongings from point A to point B. You’ll need to make sure that everything is packed and ready to go on moving day, and that you’ve sold, discarded, or donated whatever you don’t intend to bring.

Begin by gathering all of your packing materials. Figure out what you’ll need, such as boxes, tape, and packing paper, and we always recommend buying a little more than you think you’ll need, it’s far easier to find a purpose for additional goods than it is to make numerous visits to the shop.

Plan an Interstate Move

Also, bring an essentials bag with you, containing all of the items you know you’ll need quick access to before and after your relocation. This is a useful idea for local moves and an absolute must for interstate moves. Important documents, prescriptions, chargers, basic toiletries, and a couple of changes of clothes should all be included in your basics bag. If you’re traveling with dogs or children, make sure each of them has its own basics bag as well.

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Organize Your Utilities

Before moving day, you’ll want to cancel your current utilities and set up your new ones. While you can usually transfer utilities from one home to the next, interstate moves are a little more tricky. Many utility providers are region-specific, which means that the electric, gas, water, and other services you use in your present home might not be available in the state you’re relocating to.

Perform some basic research to see what is and is not available. You’ll need to do some study into your new service options for those utilities that you’ll have to cancel. Discuss local utility services with your real estate agent or soon-to-be new landlord, then search up pricing and schedule installation dates using your new address. In the meantime, phone your present utility company and let them know when you’ll need to stop service—just make sure you leave enough electricity and heat or air conditioning for the day you move out.

When it comes to the internet and television, you may find it easier to transfer these services than other sorts of utilities. However, even for the same bundles, pricing might vary substantially depending on location among different types of providers. Make some price comparisons to ensure you don’t go over budget.

Inform the Post Office

Set up your new address with the US Post Office using our instructions to change your address. This should be done before you move so that your mail is forwarded from the start.

In addition to notifying the post office, you’ll need to notify a few others, including your bank and credit card company, loan providers, insurance providers, and anyone with whom you have set up automatic payments. Make sure to inform your friends and relatives. Learn more: Moving Guide: Who to Notify When You Move?

Moving Day

With all of the various pieces in place, it’s time to actually hit the road (or the sky). If you’re driving, check the weather carefully and plan out your entire route ahead of time so that you have a general idea of what to expect. Account for stops for things like food and rest, and don’t try to do too much too fast. Figure that you’ll be able to do about 8 to 10 hours of driving a day, keeping in mind that it’s okay to go slower and see the sights along the way.

Update Your Vehicle Registration and Get a New Driver’s License

The majority of the hard work is done once you’ve arrived in your new state, but there are still a few items on your to-do list. After proving residency, some jurisdictions offer you up to two months to get a new driver’s license and renew your vehicle’s registration, while others require you to do it sooner. Some even demand that you finish it right away. Make sure you understand what your new state requires so you can file all of your papers and become a legal resident.

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The Things You Should Know Before Moving to Toronto, Canada

October 25, 2021
The Things You Should Know Before Moving to Toronto, Canada

Moving to Toronto like any other place in the world has its own pros and cons. Toronto, as the center of a metropolitan region with a population of about 6 million people and as Canada’s largest city, is high on most people’s list of potential Canadian destination cities. And with good reason: relocating to Toronto is a once-in-a-lifetime experience overflowing with potential and excitement.

While Toronto is by no means perfect, it gives its residents a lot to be thankful for – which is no doubt a big part of why it keeps showing up on rankings for the best places in the world to live in. With millions of immigrants, foreign workers, and international students already calling Toronto home, you might be considering a move to Toronto yourself.

It is Multicultural

With more than half of its people belonging to a visible minority and over 200 languages spoken, Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Someone from your hometown lives in Toronto, regardless of where you are from.

It is a safe place

Toronto is extremely safe when compared to other major North American cities. Sure, some Toronto neighborhoods are sketchier than others, but most people (men, women, and children) will feel safe going around regardless of whether the sun is shining or not.

Toronto is a fun place

There are established communities for every possible pastime in Toronto, thanks to the influx of people from all over Canada and the world. With so much to do, the most difficult part may be choosing which activity to try next.

Commuting is a bit challenging

The Toronto Transit Commission (or TTC) operates public transportation in Toronto, which is perhaps not as slow as it appears to residents, but everyone will understand if you blame the TTC for being late. Purchase a bicycle or join a car-sharing program.

They have 4 definite season

With hot summers, colorful autumns, snowy winters, and soggy springs, Toronto is a four-season metropolis. The good news is that, in comparison to other Canadian cities like Montreal or Ottawa, Toronto’s winters are actually quite moderate.

Houses are expensive

High housing costs will continue to be a reality in Toronto for the foreseeable future. Given that the average detached home in Toronto costs over $1.35 million, you’ll almost certainly need to consider renting, at least when you first arrive.

Moving to Toronto

But, Renting is also not cheap

By Canadian standards, Toronto rents are exorbitant. Furthermore, Toronto’s vacancy rate has remained low for a long time, making it difficult to locate a property to rent at all. But, hey, those great burritos make it all worthwhile, right?

Work opportunities are plenty

The bright side of Toronto’s expensive property market is that its economy is varied and thriving, which means that getting a job – a good job — in the city may be easier than you think. Toronto could also be a good site to start your ideal job because it’s a key hub for a variety of industries, including finance, filmmaking, education, and all types of technology, including artificial intelligence. So, if you are moving to Toronto to look for a job, there are plenty to choose from.

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With Plenty of Parks and Beaches

You may easily escape the urban jungle to a park or a beach without ever leaving the GTA or having a car, from Toronto Island to Trinity Bellwoods to the Beaches to Rouge National Urban Park.

Toronto is a food hub

One of the many benefits of living in such a diverse city as Toronto is the excellent food. You’ll definitely find yourself with too many options, which is fine because brunch is approaching. For foodies moving to Toronto is a very much welcome sight.

LGBTQ Friendly

Torontonians are, by and large, progressive people, so it should come as no surprise that the LGBTQ+ community has found Toronto to be a wonderful home. Toronto Pride is a nationally significant annual celebration, and LBGTQ+ Torontonians can feel at ease living openly throughout the year.

They are more in online-dating

While the dating culture is still alive and well, more and more Torontonians are using applications like Bumble and Tinder to meet significant (and not-so-significant) others these days.

Either East or West, no in-between

It takes an unusually long time to get around town. You will never see your pals again if they move across town, as many Torontonians will tell you.

There is a well-established bar culture in the area.

The craft beer sector in Toronto has exploded in recent years, giving the city’s hipsters something to speak about other than beard oil. Similarly, Toronto’s mixologists are waging a battle for cocktail supremacy. Both of these realities are beneficial to even the casual drinker who likes a few drinks now and then. So, if you are moving to Toronto make sure to check out local bars.

There is also a strong coffee culture in the city.

In the company of friends or strangers, you can enjoy any of the innumerable variants of two components (espresso and milk) at one of Toronto’s many wonderful small coffee shops. One of them isn’t Coffee Time.

There is also a sizable cannabis (sub)culture in Toronto.

Even before cannabis was allowed in Canada, catching a scent while walking down the street in Toronto was typical. Many (but not all) Torontonians have welcomed the legalization of marijuana with open arms.

Tipping is virtually required, and it is becoming increasingly expensive.

Although a 15% tip is still deemed fair, it has recently begun to creep up to 18%, 20%, or even more.

Credit cards are (nearly) universally accepted.

Credit cards are increasingly accepted in locations where they were not previously accepted, such as bars and cabs. Having a credit card will simplify your life in a variety of ways (and not just because you need one for Uber or Lyft).

It will appear like everyone else has a dog but you.

They don’t, yet the reality remains that Toronto has a large number of dogs and dog owners.

Facts before moving to Toronto

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How to Keep in Touch With Friends After Moving Overseas

June 15, 2021
How to Keep in Touch With Friends After Moving Overseas

Perhaps you are moving overseas after graduating, or you were offered a job that forced you to relocate. Even if you’re migrating for a good reason, you’ll need to figure out how to stay in touch with friends and family once you’ve left. Even though it may seem simple at first, it can be rather difficult, and individuals might drift apart without even realizing it.

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Make it a habit

When you don’t live in the same city, much alone the same nation, it’s easy to lose touch with your friends. If you’re wondering how to maintain long-distance friendships going, you’ll need to be determined to do so.

Making it a daily habit is one of the finest ways to go about it. Take a few minutes out of your day, perhaps during a break from work, to check in with your friends and see how they’re doing. It will quickly become normal, and you will both anticipate receiving a call or a message at a set time of day.

Sharing an Interesting Story is one way to get things started

If you’re not sure where to begin, or if your interests have shifted over time, there are some options for you to consider. You can reminisce about wonderful memories and experiences you’ve had together in the past. Perhaps you can tell an amusing anecdote about an unexpected event that occurred during your foreign move or at work. Funny videos, memes, and articles can all be used to spark a debate.

Make a Travel Plan

Going on a trip together can help you re-establish your connection while also providing fresh, enjoyable experiences and memories. It’ll be a pleasant and bonding event whether you come back, they come over to visit you, or you all go on vacation together. To bring your car with you, you might choose reputable overseas auto shipping services.

Organize an Annual Get-Together

Organizing an annual event is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with everyone. It’s a great way to remain in touch with friends and establish your own “thing,”. It doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, especially if you’re already on a tight budget. Even one weekend a year can mean a lot to your relationship and deepen it.

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How to Use Modern Technology to Stay in Touch With Friends

Fortunately, we live in an age when technology has made it quite simple to communicate with individuals all over the world. Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, don’t be scared to take advantage of this to keep your long-distance friendship alive.

Conduct video calls using Skype or FaceTim

What better way to talk about the changes in your lives with your loved ones than through a video call? It may appear intimidating at first, but you’ll quickly realize that it’s far more personal and warm than a standard phone call. There are a variety of programs available for this purpose, but Skype and FaceTime are two of the most popular. Keep in mind that FaceTime is only available on Apple products, but it’s a simple process. If you wish to use Skype, you must first download the application and create a free account.

Google Hangouts is ideal for group calls with a large number of people

Another fantastic innovation is Google Hangouts, which allows you to make video calls. It’s especially useful when there are several individuals on the phone at the same time. You can also use Google Hangouts to send each other messages to organize group video calls or chat about anything.

Talk to Your Best Friend on the Phone

If you haven’t already, you’ve undoubtedly considered calling your pal. It is not necessary to wait for the planets to align in order to do so. It doesn’t have to be a long call, but simply calling them and inquiring what they’re up to can be really helpful. It can also develop a habit, which will aid in remaining in touch with one another.

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How to Keep in Touch With Friends After Moving Overseas

No matter how far apart you live, you can use social media

Staying in touch with friends and family is a breeze thanks to social media. When it comes to moving overseas, it’s also a preferred form of communication. While your movers prepare everything for international moving, you can speak with your friends. You undoubtedly already use social media extensively; why not put it to good use?

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family

Facebook has everything you need to stay in touch with your friends, including the ability to communicate with them and share and like old and new images. You can also keep up with your contact’s daily activities and crucial events. You can learn more about their lives by asking them about it the next time you speak with them. It’s also helpful for keeping track of people’s birthdays, which can be a pain for certain individuals. Sending your friend best wishes on his or her birthday is a great approach to rekindle your friendship.

It Isn’t a Waste of Time to Use Instagram

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing social media tool, but it can also be used to maintain communication. You may quickly share images with others, as well as look at and comment on their photos. It’s a terrific way to remain in touch, whether you’re relocating with dogs and want to keep everyone updated on how they’re doing, or you just want to send them a photo of your new place. You can email photographs directly to your friend instead of displaying them on your feed for everyone to see.

Be wary of this approach

People frequently become addicted to social media, and you should be aware of this before you begin. This can be detrimental to both your mental health and your productivity. If you’re staying up late or missing tasks because you’re too engrossed in social media, it might be time to cut back.

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Cheapest Way to Make your Cross-Country Move

June 8, 2021
Cheapest Way to Make your Cross-Country Move

The average long-distance move costs roughly $4,300. This figure is calculated using a distance of 1,225 miles and a shipment weight of 7,400 pounds. That figure is nothing to sneeze at, so it’s no surprise that many individuals are looking for ways to cut the cost of a cross-country move. If you’re looking to save money on your future trip, here are some of our greatest recommendations for saving money on a cross-country move.

Choose an off-peak moving season

Renting a moving truck or hiring movers costs vary from day to day and month to month. The warmer months of the year are peak moving season, thus companies will raise their moving aid fees. Due of increased demand, weekends are usually more expensive. As leases expire, the first and last weeks of the month are often popular moving times. So, if you want to save money on your cross-country move, schedule it for the middle of the week, the middle of the month, or during the shoulder season. You’ll also likely discover a larger number of firms or vehicles to pick from, allowing you to compare pricing and choose the best offer.

Downsize to save money on your move

Less things Equal less money, whether you’re renting a truck, hiring movers, or shipping your belongings. A smaller, lighter truck will cost less if you rent a moving truck for a DIY relocation. Furthermore, if you’re not hauling as much things, you’ll save money on petrol.

The cost of moving is normally estimated based on the weight of your package if you employ movers. As a result, if you reduce the size of your closets, your moving quote will drop. The benefits of getting rid of the things you don’t use are obvious!

You can even make some money by selling your possessions if they are still in good condition. You can also hold a garage sale, though you may not make as much money on each item. Donate any items that don’t sell or aren’t in high demand. There are numerous charity that will gladly accept your donations.

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Rent a truck and do it yourself

Driving a full moving truck cross-country may seem daunting, but if you aren’t transferring a lot of things, it may be the most cost-effective alternative. It combines travel, transportation, and, if necessary, even auto transport! Simply having the patience and diligence to move from point A to point B securely is all that is required when renting a moving truck.

How to make your cross-country move cheaper

Oh, and don’t forget about loading and unloading the truck. Is it for this? Save some money and enlist the support of your friends and relatives. Moving has never been more true than when there are a lot of hands on deck. Make some cookies, brew some coffee!

Get your employer to contribute to the cost of the relocation

If you’re going cross-country for work, inquire about moving packages with your HR department. Many companies will provide some financial aid, and some will handle the entire process for you. All you have to do sometimes is ask! If you choose this route, make sure you keep detailed records of all your moving-related receipts so you can get compensated.

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Use your imagination to pack your belongings

Get inventive with your goods if you’re packing your own moving truck. For non-fragile items, such suitcases and duffel bags are ideal. Even garbage bags can come in handy in a hurry; just make sure to identify them so they don’t get thrown away. Plastic tubs can also be used to stack and protect fragile things. Recycled boxes can help you save money and materials, but make sure they’re still solid and well-taped to avoid catastrophes.

Look around your house for objects that can be used as padding. Towels and blankets, as well as your sock collection, can provide fantastic protection for fragile goods. Save bubble mailers, packing paper, and any other packing goods you receive in the mail before your relocation. Cutting down on what you need to buy is the best method to save money on a cross-country relocation!

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Compare moving costs from different companies

Comparing moving estimates is essential if you’re going to select a moving company to handle the job. The DIY method may not make sense if you have a huge home with a lot of items. Comparing prices from various moving companies will help you find the greatest value for all of the services you require. You can save an average of 45 percent on your move with Wowmover! Get a free moving quote for your cross-country relocation today.

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