Things To Know Before Moving to New Mexico

June 3, 2024

Moving to New Mexico? New Mexico is a state decades older than the nation of which it is part, with a wonderful history. Perhaps even a history that is not of this planet. Although the legendary canyon dwellings and the popularity of other worlds are two reasons why the state is so enchanting, New Mexico has more to offer than just UFO sightings.

Guide Moving to New Mexico

We’ve got you covered for those who are considering moving to New Mexico. If you are not sure what the deal is, what are the available jobs, what’s the demand for housing? In this fast and simple guide to moving to the Land of Magic, we’ll try to address these questions and more.

Ready To Move to New Mexico?
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Job Market in New Mexico

With the current job market, people living in New Mexico might not be quite as delighted. The state is well above the national average, which hovers at 4.1 percent, with an unemployment rate of 5.8 percent. Wallet Hub also rated the state 43rd overall for the best work states when economic prospects and available jobs were taken into account.

Most are in health care out of the available jobs that the state has. The top fastest-growing positions are personal care assistant, home health aide, and physical therapist, according to Zippia. The New Mexico VA Health Care System, Lovelace Health System, and Presbyterian Healthcare Programs are the state’s leaders in jobs. It could be your lucky day if you’re in the healthcare industry and you’re dead set in New Mexico.

Other than health care, the building saw a 9.0 percent rise in jobs in the last 12 months, while financial activities saw a 4.8 percent raise. The basic income is $7.50 an hour, while the cost of living was ranked 24th by U.S. News, which makes it approximately average.

House Market

New Mexico has a population of approximately two million, and that doesn’t seem to be very budgetary. For a few reasons, the population is stagnant, the main one being that not many people are coming in, and more are moving out. Outsiders clearly do not see the enchanting side of the state, and one explanation is accommodation.

Since people are not going to soar into space anytime soon, the new houses for construction are limited. The few that they have are mainly clustered in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe metropolitan areas. Between 2000 and 2010, the majority of homes in the state were built, ensuring most prehistoric dwellings are officially off the market. We did learn, though that Airbnb is a good place to look.

State home prices are still hovering below the national average, and prices are forecast to increase by 2.1 percent in the coming year the state can’t catch a break). The US. U.S. News rated its affordability as 33rd for housing. Sources placed the state’s median home value at $182,500, and the median price of rent at $1,200 each month.

Ready To Move to New Mexico?
Here are the Best Interstate Moving Companies

Welcome to New Mexico 
New Mexico is a fascinating state, loaded with some super awesome cultures that are worlds away from the experience of the rest of the country. This state, influenced by its prehistoric history, is not one to be ignored. 

Although in some significant places it may be failing, you can not always evaluate a book by its cover. Yeah, some of the highest levels of poverty in the U.S. might suffer from the state, but the great thing about states is that they are always evolving. 

As a cultural influence, because long before the rest of the states were even a thought on a map, New Mexico has been surviving and increasing for a long time. Chances are it will hang around and flourish again with some hope.