What to Consider Before Renting a Moving Truck

June 3, 2024

When hiring a moving truck for your moving needs, there is a range of important aspects that you must remember. Note that it might seem fairly easy to hire a moving vehicle, but it does contain a few potential pitfalls that you might fall into if you’re not careful enough.

Speak with the truck rental company

If you can also rent the requisite moving equipment from them, such as a moving dolly, furniture sliders, moving blankets, or buy all the packing supplies you would need to secure your goods from them. If yes, then compare the trailer rental or selling prices with other suppliers in order to ensure that their rates are competitive and that you are not overcharged grossly.

Understand the terms of deposits

In order to reserve the truck for the date you need it, some truck rental companies will request a deposit. Ask your rental service if you need a credit card to pay the charge for the deposit. Often, ask when you would expect the deposit or the fee to be deducted from your credit card to be returned to you. Most importantly, ask them what will happen if, for some reason or another, you cancel your truck booking. Will you lose the deposit as a cancellation fee?

Explore your options for truck rental insurance

You will be given different forms of insurance coverage by the truck rental company you have chosen to give you peace of mind when driving the freight vehicle. If an accident occurs on the lane, you should be helped with the incurred costs by the truck rental insurance you have bought. Keep in mind that most insurance plans for rental vehicles will only cover the moving truck, so if you’re concerned about damaging your stuff, then you’re going to have to find extra insurance for freight.

What to consider before renting a moving truck

Know what to do if the truck breaks down

Are you going to have to pay out of your own pocket to get reimbursed by the business then? Or is the truck rental agency going to pay in advance? Is there roadside assistance provided by the truck rental company? If the moving vehicle experiences a mechanical failure of some kind along the way, are you allowed to use particular service stations? Before you rent the moving van, get the essential details.

Complete truck inspection

All you have to do is make sure you rent a moving vehicle that is in good technical condition and that you can drive it safely to wherever you need to go. For any visible signs of injury, check the truck and report something that is out of the ordinary. Then, check the tires, lights, signals, and side-mirrors of the vehicle. Before you rent it, make sure you are familiar with the fundamental controls of the moving truck.

Possible Fines and Additional charges

Be mindful of potential fines and additional charges levied in specific conditions by the truck rental company.

You are supposed to return the leased truck with a full gas tank, for example, because at the time of renting it, that’s how you would have it. The company will compensate you for the missing fuel, most frequently at a higher price than the current market rate, if you do not return the vehicle with its gas tank full. Even if you return the dirty, messy, and untidy truck, then you’re likely to get a cleaning fee paid. There is also a penalty, of course, for returning the vehicle later than expected.

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Choose a reliable truck rental company

During your whole DIY move, that is often the most critical step. When it comes to reacting appropriately to the needs of their clients, you need a moving truck agency that is proven time and again to be trustworthy and efficient.

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