U-Haul Review

We compared services from seven moving container businesses to see how U-U-Box Haul’s compares.

Best for long-distance

U-Haul Review
  • Low costs
  • Nationwide availability
  • Poor customer service


  • Low prices
  • Wide availability
  • Online quotes


  • Inaccurate quotes
  • Poor customer service
  • Low-quality construction

How much does cost?

The average move with U-Box costs around $2,840. A small, local move will cost around $1,080, while a large, long-distance move will cost around $5,630. Its overall prices are approximately 5% lower than the industry average.

Moving container pricing

Home size100 miles450 miles1,750 miles2,050 miles
1-room apartment$1,080$1,690$1,760$2,060
2-room home$1,410$2,390$2,360$2,930
3-room home$1,820$2,860$2,980$3,730
5-room home$2,760$3,980$4,210$5,630

Data as of 8/10/2020. Pricing may vary by location and are subject to change

U-Box prices are comparable to those of other moving container companies. We asked U-Box for prices for four different home sizes over six different distances. We discovered that while U-Box is about 5% less expensive than the average container company, it also has the lowest customer reviews of any moving container company (U-Haul scores a full star lower on customer reviews than industry leaders like PODS and U-Pack).

U-Box cost factors

Several factors affect your U-Box cost:

U-Box coverage

Insurance for your U-Box moving container and its contents is available. The cost of U-Safestor® Box’s insurance varies depending on location and the amount of coverage selected.

Note: U-Box only covers your container if you store it at one of their warehouses (it doesn’t protect at-home storage).

U-Box Safestor® coverage pricing

Declared valueMonthly cost

Data as of 10/20/2020. Pricing may vary by location and are subject to change

Moving container features and services

U-Box moving container services

U-Box moving containers come in a single size. You may order as many U-Box moving containers as you require, even if they are smaller than those offered by most other companies.

U-Haul U-Box size

U-Box dimensionsWeight limitCapacityAvailability
7 ft. 11 in. x 4 ft. 8 in. x 6 ft. 11 in.2,000 lbs.1.5 roomsLocal and long-distance

Data as of 12/14/2021. All measurements are approximate.

U-Box storage services

U-Boxes are typically stored at home. If there isn’t enough space or if local laws prohibit it, you can use one of U-storage Haul’s facilities for no additional charge (U-Haul charges the same no matter where you store your U-Box moving container). To access your container at its storage site, U-Haul requires a 24-hour notice.

Local and long-distance services

For good reason, U-Haul is one of the most well-known moving companies: it’s everywhere. The organization has over 20,000 sites in the United States, making it simple to discover a U-Box in your neighborhood.

Things to know about U-Box

U-Box has low prices

One of the most appealing aspects of renting a U-Box is its low cost. The average price of a U-Haul U-Box is $2,840, which is around 5% less than the average price of comparable moving container providers.
One reason for the low rates is that U-moving Box’s containers are made of low-quality materials. While companies such as PODS and 1-800-PACK-RAT use steel containers, U-Haul uses plywood.

What is the most reputable moving company?

Not all moving companies are made equal. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top movers for full-service moves, rental trucks, moving containers, and even automobile transportation.

It’s easy to find a U-Box location

According to U-Haul, company has 21,000 sites, so there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to find a U-Box in your region. Some moving firms aren’t even present in the majority of states, therefore one of U-advantages Haul’s is its accessibility.

U-Box has online quotes

U-Haul is one of the only moving container companies that have instant oU-Haul is one of the few moving container businesses that offers online quotations in real time. Most businesses expect you to email or call—and wait times are longer if you’re moving during COVID-19. U-Haul makes it simple to acquire an online quotation in a matter of minutes.

U-Box quotes aren’t very accurate

U-Haul is notorious for inaccurate quotes (its truck rental costs are U-Haul is renowned for providing erroneous estimations (its truck rental prices are sometimes 60% more than first estimates). The U-Box pricing differential isn’t as severe, but it still costs an extra 15% — or around $400 more for the average relocation. The primary offender is a $99 per container shipping cost that was not included in your offer.

Need some moving help

U-Haul Moving Help is a marketplace where you may discover people to assist you with your relocation. The average hourly charge for loading and unloading is $44, which is the lowest we’ve observed.

U-Haul U-Box FAQ

What are the U-Box dimensions?

The U-Box dimensions are approximately 7 ft. 11 in. x 4 ft. 8 in. x 6 ft. 11 in. The average U-Box can hold about 1.5 rooms worth of stuff.

What is the U-Haul U-Box?

The U-Haul U-Box is a portable storage container made out of pest-The U-Haul U-Box is a weather-resistant portable storage container built of pest-resistant plywood. You pack it with your possessions, and U-Haul moves it to your new home. You may also keep the U-Box storage container at a U-Haul site if necessary.

Can you use a U-Box as a portable storage unit?

Yes, a U-Box may be used as a portable storage box. U-Haul portable storage containers are built of plywood and can be kept at home or at a U-Haul site.

What does it says U-Box review?

According to the assessment, the U-Box is inexpensive and easy to locate, but the company’s customer service and container quality are inferior to industry giants such as PODS, U-Pack, and 1-800-PACK-RAT.

Can I get a moving box from U-Haul?

Yes, U-Haul can provide you with a moving box. Moving boxes, furniture cushions, and plastic wrap are among the items sold by the firm.