Two Men And A Truck Moving Rates, and Cost for 2023

March 9, 2023

Two Men And A Truck Moving Rates, and Cost for 2023

Key point: For an assortment of in-home jobs, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK provides hourly labor and full-service moving services. They own more than 300 franchises worldwide, which means that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can be available almost anywhere in the United States

Two Men and a Truck really promise to make the process as simple as possible, and not just for the work parts. One of the best things about being a moving company is convenience and ease, so be sure to contact them before you move in.

Long-haul flights are always expensive, and you need to figure out what service justifies the cost when you consider a mover like Two Men and a Truck. Full-service movers provide the necessary services to make the move a seamless and costly endeavor, especially when moving long distances. All in all, you will be able to set up your representative for the location of your move as well as for all other aspects of the move such as transport, insurance, etc.

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two men and a truck

You should also keep in mind a few factors that may affect the cost of your mover rental. Here we discuss how the cost of moving is part of the total cost of your moving company and how many people you are moving with.

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History of Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck were founded in 1985 by Mary Ellen Sheets, a Michigan mother who wanted to help her two sons with their summer job of moving. The company has since grown into a franchise with over 350 locations worldwide. Two Men and a Truck have received several awards, including the 2021 Franchisee Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review.

Two men and a truck rates

If you want to save time and effort, you can do the packing yourself, hire a mover to load and unload the truck or do it yourself. You can also rent and pack a truck just to drive it to your new home. The prices are inclusive and include the entire packing and padding of your belongings, and they are bound and insured by the belongings and the moving companies.

If you have enough budget to move around and don’t want heavy lifting, Two Men and a Truck Moving is for you. The moving company gets to the address you specify for the truck and does the work, and you are not liable for any evaluation until the packaging is done.

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Two Men and a Truck is a full-service mover and thus takes care of all aspects of the move, supervised only. The company is ideal for people who are physically handicapped, as well as for people who need heavy transport.

If you are young and healthy, you can look for other cheaper moving options, but when you are older, there are a lot of moving companies that charge you more money than a full-service moving company.

Whether you choose to pay extra for the above rates depends on how you find out the moving company you want to hire and the costs that the company itself sets. Special packaging boxes are not included in any of these boxes but will be paid for by you.

There are hundreds of cheap moving companies. Professional movers have different rates of pricing. On average, Two Men and One Truck will charge you around $80 to $100 per hour. There is an additional cost of $15 to $20 per hour if you wish to hire three men with a truck. The beginning and end of the month or summer cost higher, the main reason is people often at those times.

Two men ad a truck hourly rate is only valid for a local move. If you plan to move cross country on a large and long-distance move, the moving company will advise you to hire additional people to do the job once you get a quote from them. But, this will depend on the volume of your belongings.

two men and a truck prices

Also, it will be very helpful for you to read reviews on the state in which you need a mover. Reading reviews on a reliable sources is very important. Check customer feedback, check if there are any complaints, and most importantly, satisfied customer testimonials.

Ask about the payment option before the end of the relocation. Ask them if you can pay by cash or by check. Tip them if you are satisfied with their performance.

Two men and a truck alternatives
Here are the best moving companies you can trust;

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How to save with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK?

The company introduced a new initiative, which has been adopted by certain franchises called VALUE FLEX®. The concept is that if you’re relocating long distances and can be flexible with delivery dates, then can save a lot of money.

More information on VALUE FLEX® can be found here.

If this looks like something that would fit you, give us a call at (833) 642-1373

Two Men and a Truck services have branches in more than 40 states around the country, with Rhode Island, Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont as the only exceptions. The company’s slogan is “Movers Who Care,” which represents a dedication to voluntary giving and community service.

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Two Men and a Truck Availability

Residential Customer Storage

Temporary storage solutions are perfect for those who are delayed in moving into their new homes or completing major repairs. These safe and secure storage areas vary between the climate-controlled and basic storage units.

Local Moving

Two Men and a Truck specialize in local moving for apartments, retirement homes, and university accommodation, among other places. Moves are conducted in 26-foot trucks that have been washed and sanitized and are well-equipped with the materials and equipment required to secure objects during the operation. The employees have received specialized training and have passed a background check. Services such as packing and unpacking, as well as short and long-term storage.

Learn More: Two Men and a Truck Near You FAQs


Moving to more than 50 miles is considered long-distance moving. Expedited long-distance and Value Flex are the two service options in this category.

Junk Removal

If you are interested in removing unsound items from chimneys, basements, or parking lots, the junk removal service can be considered. The company ensures that the correct disposal of all items is in accordance with safety and environmental standards. Petrol, propane, asbestos, wet paint, and other dangerous materials may not be removed by this service.

Packing and Unpacking

Professional packing and unpacking services are usually charged at an hourly rate. Items are bundled to ensure they are protected against damage according to standards.

Moving Supplies

You can purchase boxes, wrapping, tape, and other moving and packaging supplies from them. Some of the specialist options include dishes, wardrobe boxes, and TVs.


For moving heavy or bulky items such as appliances or furniture, local pick-up, and delivery services are available.

Loading and Unloading

The Carry Crew service option is available for most locations. Workers are professionally trained and subject to examination and screening of drugs.

Business Storage

Two men and a truck for custom short or long-term storage are available for large and small organizations. Some of their customers need room for old document files and equipment, office furniture, and excess supplies or inventory.

Mobile and portable storage options are encouraged for commercial customers. The option is 5 feet x 7.5 feet and the container is 16 feet larger. These devices are designed to store items temporarily that cannot currently be fitted into the premises.

Corporate Relocation

Commercial businesses can ease the transition of a moving relocation while using their services to minimize downtime. National companies can be set up as national account that gives customized discounts to these organizations. A centralized manager takes over these accounts.

Two Men and a Truck: Pros and Cons


“Full-Service” moving company with convenient locations

Junk removal, storage choices, delivery, and other services have all been successfully expanded by the management team. There are over 300 franchise sites across the country, so there’s a good chance there’s one near you.


Pricing and staff quality are inconsistent.

The pricing and quality of their movers vary per location according to their franchise strategy.

Should you give Two Men and a Truck a shot?

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is a well-organized, courteous, and accommodating company on the corporate level. The only issue is that when it comes to your local franchise, things could significantly change. Some people have had positive experiences, while others have had negative ones.

We strongly suggest TWO MEN AND A TRUCK if you’ve heard excellent things about your local franchise.