Two Men and a Truck Review (2024)

June 3, 2024

Two Men and a Truck services have branches in more than 40 states around the country, with Rhode Island, Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont as the only exceptions. The company’s slogan is “Movers Who Care,” which represents a dedication to voluntary giving and community service.

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Two Men and a Truck Available Services

Residential Customer Storage

Temporary storage solutions are perfect for those who are delayed in moving into their new homes or completing major repairs. These safe and secure storage areas vary between climate-controlled and basic storage units.

Local Moving

Two Men and a Truck specializes in local moving for apartments, retirement homes, and university accommodations, among other places. Moves are conducted in 26-foot trucks that have been washed and sanitized and are well-equipped with the materials and equipment required to secure objects during the operation. The employees have received specialized training and have passed a background check. Services such as packing and unpacking, as well as short and long-term storage.

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Moving more than 50 miles is considered long-distance moving. Expedited long-distance and Value Flex are the two service options in this category.

Junk Removal

If you are interested in removing unsound items from chimneys, basements, or parking lots, the junk removal service can be considered. The company ensures that the correct disposal of all items in accordance with safety and environmental standards. Petrol, propane, asbestos, wet paint, and other dangerous materials may not be removed by this service.

Packing and Unpacking

Professional packing and unpacking services are usually charged at an hourly rate. Items are bundled to ensure they are protected against damage according to standards.

Moving Supplies

You can purchase boxes, wrapping, tape, and other moving and packaging supplies from them. Some of the specialist options include dishes, wardrobe boxes, and TVs.


For moving heavy or bulky items such as appliances or furniture, local pick-up and delivery services are available.

Loading and Unloading

The Carry Crew service option is available for most locations. Workers are professionally trained and subject to examination and screening of drugs.

Business Storage

Two men and a truck for custom short- or long-term storage are available for large and small organizations. Some of their customers need room for old document files and equipment, office furniture, and excess supplies or inventory.

Mobile and portable storage options are encouraged for commercial customers. The option is 5 feet x 7.5 feet, and the container is 16 feet larger. These devices are designed to store items temporarily that cannot currently be fitted into the premises.

Corporate Relocation

Commercial businesses can ease a moving relocation while using their services to minimize downtime. National companies can be set up as a national account that gives customized discounts to these organizations. A centralized manager takes over these accounts.