How WowMover.Com Works

How we test and rate products

We don’t want to recommend anything to you that we aren’t comfortable using ourselves. To make sure you have the best moving experience possible, we rely on a combination of first-hand experience, in-depth research, and customer reviews to inform our opinions and recommendations to our readers.

Things we consider

Wowmover’s writers take a number of factors into consideration when assigning moving company rankings.

  • Features and services: We compare each moving company’s set of features and services to what’s standard among their peers—whether it’s full-service movers, moving storage companies, or van rental lines—to ensure you’re reading direct and fair comparisons.
  • Customer service: We look at how each moving company treats its customers. Are customers generally satisfied with the service they’re provided, or has poor service soured their moving experience?
  • Value: We want to help our readers get the best bang for their buck, so we take value for money into consideration. This doesn’t necessarily mean a mover we recommend is the least expensive—we simply want to ensure the level of service matches the price tag.

We know moving can be a pretty big task. Thanks for trusting us to help make it a stress-free experience.