How to Make Use of Free Moving Boxes Responsibly

June 3, 2024

One of the most important tasks on everyone’s moving checklist is finding free moving boxes. In most houses, this entails gathering as many free boxes as possible.

You scour the local grocery store for discarded produce boxes, because, let’s face it, everyone wants to get rid of those useless boxes!. Is it true, however, that used boxes are the greatest option? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

To relocate successfully, you’ll need a lot of boxes. Even if you’re moving between studio apartments, you’ll need about 30 boxes. More than 100 boxes of various sizes would be required for a five-person family. And the quality of those boxes has a significant impact on the success of your move.

Tip: Get Free Boxes For you Interstate Move

Here are some disadvantages of free moving boxes

Pests Infestation

You’ve got no idea where those boxes went. They’ve been sitting in a garage for the most part of a year, attracting termites and losing their stability day by day. Worst-case scenario? A restaurant’s back alley, with old food and filthy bugs crawling all over it. If the prior owner of the box had bed bugs. In your brand-new home, you’ve discovered a bed insect infestation.

If you’re not 100% sure where your boxes came from, you might want to forgo it; the pest control bills alone are greater than the cost of buying new moving boxes in the first place. Not to mention the stress of an already stressful move and the possibility of a pest infestation. It’s not worth your mental health.


When a cardboard box is used to transport goods, it has already been subjected to stress and is likely to have been exposed to the elements. And a flimsy box won’t keep your valuable belongings safe during your relocation.

Consider the following scenario, The ancestral tea set of Great-Grandma is neatly stowed away and intricately wrapped in bubble wrap. The bottom falls out when you pick up the heavy box. The tea set of Great Grandma is smashed and so is your heart. When a new moving box is compared to a used one, the new one comes out on top.

Risk of Injuries

Remember how the bottom of your container fell out and your contents spilled all over the place? So, what if there was a foot underneath it? The average cost of a foot x-ray is far cheaper than the cost of more durable packaging. That does not include the cost of the doctor or the treatment.

Is it still worth it to get the complimentary boxes at that point? Most likely not.


Oils, filth, and odors can become trapped inside used cardboard, making an infestation even worse. Yet another way that free moving boxes can cause damage to your belongings.

If you carry dirty garments or linens in a filthy box, the dirt, oil, or odors could permanently damage the fibers. Have you ever attempted to remove grease from a fabric? Take our counsel and don’t take that chance.

With brand new boxes, the worst you’ll have to do when you reach to your new house is rewash your belongings to get rid of any cardboard dust.

The free moving boxes that are the simplest to come by are usually all the same size. But where are you going to put your flat-screen television or framed wall art? Investing in a new, correctly proportioned box will provide the best protection for your breakables.

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How to Make Use of Free Moving Boxes Responsibly

How to Make Use of Free Moving Boxes Responsibly

So what if you’re given used boxes and you’re a believer in reuse and recycling? What are your options for repurposing those old boxes?


When faced with the cost of a move, we understand how tempting it is to use free moving boxes. Unfortunately, buying old boxes can end up costing you more in the long term than buying new ones from the start.

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