Moving Checklist 2022: Necessities for Smooth Moving

March 2, 2023

Moving Checklist 2022: Necessities for Smooth Moving

Moving Checklist 2022: Are you all set for moving this 2022? Have you carefully thought about the things you need in order to have a smooth move? During a moving adventure, fancy clipboards, color-coded labels, and nifty gadgets can be helpful.

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Moving Checklist 2022

Hand Cart

Hand cart, dolly, hand truck… This wheeled, ladder-back cart puts the force of physics in your hands, whatever you call it. Let’s just say the hand cart helps you to raise the considerable weight with minimal effort, and just wheel it forward, without going into detail about friction, fulcrums, and Newton’s second law.

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You can tote piles of packed boxes, narrow sections of furniture, and even appliances with a hand cart. Just make sure you use straps to tie your things to the cart. For a decent one, plan to pay a few hundred dollars or rent one per day at a home improvement store or truck rental facility.

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Essential Kit

For easy identification, Aaron Steed of Meathead Movers in California recommends packing an “essentials kit” in a transparent, colored plastic package. For this package, toothbrush, and toothpaste, bath tissue and medicines are “must-haves”. But the addition of disinfectant wipes, a change of clothes, and your mobile phone charger is also a smart idea.

Furniture Pens

Will the person who never dinked a piece of furniture stands up during a step, please? A scuff-free transfer is almost impossible to have, so use what furniture and showroom pros hold in their back pockets-furniture pens. These wood-colored markers, covering unsightly blemishes in only a few strokes, are like make-up for tables, chairs, and chests.

At home decor or furniture shops, grab a six-pack of colors ranging from ebony to ash. Start with a shade lighter than your piece’s finish to touch up, and work your way darker to get a perfect match. Buy furniture crayons or wax to fill up the gap if you have anything more like a gash than a blemish.

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Duct Tape

If it is not important, they will not write entire books about this material. It’s a worker of miracles and a lifesaver. Just the beginning is closing packing boxes and fixing rips and tears. Duct tape will stand in for much of any adhesive in a pinch. It has been used by Neven Lee Gibbs of Nevada to patch hoses, repair an aircraft rudder, and even make an emergency boat. NASA was so certain of its utility that it kept rollers onboard its space shuttles.

Last but not least… Sharpie!!!

By far, this marking miracle was the item which earned the most votes. It makes it a breeze to coordinate.

– Labeling boxes (Content and room location)
– Creating floor plans
– Identifying

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