Common Ways to Move Cross Country

June 3, 2024

People move cross country in quest of better career opportunities and a more secure lifestyle. Moving out of state or across the country is a major undertaking that necessitates careful planning. Start by determining the most appropriate means of transportation for you and your belongings.

Drive Your Own Car Across the United States

Nothing matches the luxury of your own car on a long road trip out of state. With so much time spent learning how to drive it, it provides a sense of security and dependability that new vehicles may not provide. In the end, this is a terrific alternative for a small-scale move that just requires a few boxes.

Haul With a Trailer

Now, if you’re moving across the country in a small compact car, the room may be an issue for your belongings. To transport the heavier and stuff, hitch up with a trailer. Fortunately, *U-Haul has a wide range of trailers to pick from.

Cross-Country Moves with Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are ideal for transporting tall or unusually shaped products. Secure your load with the heavy-duty tie-down rings to keep everything safe on the road and take advantage of the unlimited mileage benefit!

The cargo trailers are fully covered with lockable doors, providing security for your belongings from the elements and road grime during your cross-country relocation.

Cargo Trailers for Moving Across the Country

U-cargo Haul’s trailer lineup includes a number of sizes that can accommodate everything from a dorm room to a couple of rooms of furnishings. The cargo trailers are fully enclosed and have lockable doors to safeguard your belongings from the elements and road filth. You may rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe from theft at every rest break along the road!

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Common Ways to Move Cross Country

Transport Your Vehicle Across the United States

Put those miles on our trucks and avoid the wear and tear of a long road journey on your vehicle. If you need to ship your car or motorcycle over lengthy distances, U-Haul provides a Tow Dolly, Auto Transport, or the 59′ Ramp Trailer. The Ramp Trailer has an incorporated motorcycle chock that is precisely intended to keep the front tire in position, as well as heavy-duty d-rings to keep the bike secure. It also comes with a spring-assisted ramp for simple loading!

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You’ll want to gather your moving goods and get packing now that you’ve decided on your mode of transportation for your out-of-state or cross-country move. Combine your moving supplies with our MovingHelp service providers to pack, load, and unload your stuff, as well as clean up after the big move.

Cross-Country Moves with No Driving

For some people, the idea of sitting in a car for hours on end while driving is unattractive. Perhaps you’d rather take a hands-off approach. If that describes you, this next option might be perfect for you.

How to Transport a U-Box Container Across the United States

When you use U-Box containers for your relocation, you have the freedom to travel as you like to your new home, while your goods are delivered on trucks with mild suspension for safe shipment. Are you considering relocating to another country? No problem! These transportable containers are also capable of being sent worldwide! Learn more: U-Haul Money Saving Tips and More

An Across-the-Country Expedition by an Explorer

When you have the right music, munchies, and equipment, driving on the open road can be a lot of fun. With u-haul carefully constructed vehicles and optional roadside support, you can count on U-Haul to deliver a sense of security.

In a U-Haul truck, explore the roadways.

There is a vehicle to fit any size household, with a choice of sizes to pick from. TruckShare allows you to reserve your truck at any time and pick it up during or after business hours. There’s a U-Haul center or Neighborhood Dealer near you, with over 20,000 sites.

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