How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

March 7, 2023

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Even if you use one of the best car shipping companies, car shipping cost fluctuate. Carriers bid on your shipment based on how much they’re willing to pay for it, but other factors such as the size of your car, the distance you’re traveling, and the mode of transportation you want all affect the price.

Every month, a Netflix subscription costs the same price. You should be able to work a simple dollar sum into your budget and not be shocked by your bill.

That is just not the case when it comes to car shipping.

Average Car Shipping Cost

The estimated car shipping cost is around $710, with transportation costs ranging from $280 (for a short trip on an open carrier) to $2,060 (for a long trip on an open carrier) (a cross-country shipment on enclosed transport). These estimates were obtained by obtaining 300 quotes from ten separate car shipping companies.

We’ll go over our results in detail below to help you understand the mystery surrounding car shipping costs.

To measure the industry average, we gathered 300 quotes from ten separate car shipping companies.

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Prices for open and enclosed transportation were offered by auto transport companies for the following:

There are three different vehicle sizes (car, truck, SUV)
5 different distances (from 150 to 2,750 miles)
We now can tell you how much it costs to ship a car and assist you in finding the best car shipping companies for your budget based on our findings.

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Pricing for auto transport

Your cheapest option is to take public transportation.
An open carrier is always the cheapest way to ship your car. Enclosed shipment about $400 more costly per travel for the same car type and distance traveled, according to our analysis.

The average cost of shipping a car
Enclosed transport:
Open transport: $710

Long-distance travel is more costly.

Rising gas prices irritate everybody, including truck drivers. The more a carrier carries your car (and the more fuel it consumes), the more it charges.

The average cost of shipping a car varies depending on the size.

150 miles (Average Cost:$470, Open transport: $360, Enclosed transport: $580)
550 miles (Average Cost:$740, Open transport: $570, Enclosed transport: $920)
1000 miles (Average Cost:$1,150, Open transport: $910, Enclosed transport: $1,390)
1050 miles (Average Cost:$960, Open transport: 730, Enclosed transport: $1,200)
2759 miles (Average Cost:$1,270, Open transport: $1,010, Enclosed transport: $1,530)

Transporting larger vehicles is more expensive.
When shopping for an engagement ring, you’ll discover a harsh reality: larger diamonds cost more. Car delivery is the same way.

Each car size increase (from a car to an SUV to a truck) adds around $80 to the price.

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The average cost of shipping a car varies depending on the size.

Truck (Average Cost:$1,000, Open transport: $790, Enclosed transport: $1,210)
SUV (Average Cost:$910, Open transport: $710, Enclosed transport: $1,120)
Car (Average Cost:$840, Open transport: $640, Enclosed transport: $1,030)

Factors affecting the cost of auto transport

Your phone bill is fairly consistent. Your expenses don’t really change from month to month unless you go through your monthly data plan.

When it comes to car delivery, things are a little different. Prices will fluctuate from one day to the next due to a variety of factors, including:

The auction process for carriers Carriers compete for your business based on the cost of your shipping. That’s good at times and poor at others. It’s mostly unpredictably unpredictable.

Distance. More miles equals more cash.
Extra services are available. The cost of additional premiums or expedited delivery is higher.
The number of cars. Two cars are more costly than one.
Geographical place. Rural transportation costs more than shipping to and from big cities.
Route. Your price is affected by road closures, traffic congestion, and direct routes.
Seasonality is a term that has been used to describe the In the summer, prices rise (which is peak car shipping season).
Form of transportation. Open transportation is less costly than enclosed transportation.
Type and condition of the vehicle. The cost of your car increases as it rises in size. It’s even more costly if the vehicle isn’t in good working order.

As a result, the price you see now may not be the same price you get next week—or even today. However, if you understand how your price is measured, you can take steps to change your situation.