Work Remotely In These Places and Get Paid

June 3, 2024

Work remotely in these places and get paid since there are cities and towns across the country that are offering hefty incentive packages to entice remote workers like you, ranging from cheap karate classes and low-interest mortgages to relocation help and a year of free cappuccino.

Although hanging out with high-octane martial artists in Iowa may not be your idea of fun, some of the discounts may be too good to pass up.

Before COVID-19, the majority of workers commuted to work.

However, this is changing, as is the view of distant employees as lifeless slackers.

According to some estimates, nearly 5 million Americans work at least part of the time remotely, and that number might treble in the next few years.

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If you’re thinking about taking advantage of one of these deals, keep in mind that the most acceptable bonuses usually go to

However, some residents are angry that their tax dollars are being spent on luring “well-heeled” outsiders rather than fixing potholes, establishing bike routes, and improving schools.

Municipal relocation incentives for remote workers are here to stay, no matter where you stand on the topic.

Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah is hard to top due to its rich history, beautiful seaside environment, and a plethora of activities.

Savannah has traditionally been a regional vacation attraction for beach lovers, foodies, history, art, and culture fans. It is located in northeast Georgia on the Savannah River, across from South Carolina.

Savannah in a nutshell

The Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive was established in the spring of 2020 to attract remote tech professionals who appreciate “geographical freedom” in their careers, whether freelancers or full-time employees.


Indeed, it’s not much, so if you’re thinking about moving to Savannah, you’ll need to plan.

Keep in mind that Savannah has a lot going for it, which may be enough to compensate for the lack of freebies and incentives for some.

Requirements for Eligibility


Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Stillwater, Oklahoma, is a close-knit community of 50,000 people home to Oklahoma State University. It is located midway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Even though it’s hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter, Stillwater has plenty of big-city attractions like museums, botanical gardens, and theaters, as well as a homey small-town feel that you won’t find in LA or New York.

At a look, Stillwater

Like the other cities on this list, Stillwater is looking for remote workers and has put together a competitive package to entice them.

Providing incentives

Requirements for Eligibility


The Shoals, Alabama

Four historic communities known as The Shoals are nestled along the picturesque banks of the Tennessee River in northwest Alabama.

Tuscumbia, Florence, Muscle Shoals, and Shoals have always been popular among history historians, music fans, and art enthusiasts.

However, these days, they’re popular with those who want to slow down and improve their quality of life while also saving money.

A quick overview of the Shoals

The Remote Shoals program, administered by the Shoals Economic Development Authority, pays up to $10,000 in cash to qualified candidates.

Providing incentives

Of course, as with all good things, there are certain limitations.

Requirements for Eligibility


Morgantown, West Virginia.

Wild. Wonderful. West Virginia is a state in the US.

If you’ve ever visited, you’re aware of West Virginia’s natural splendor.

West Virginia’s economy used to be heavily dominated by manufacturing and coal, but it is now evolving with the times.

To that end, several cities and towns, including Morgantown, are stepping up their efforts to lure remote and tech employees who enjoy spending time in nature.

Morgantown in a nutshell

The Ascend West Virginia program, created by West Virginia native and Silicon Valley billionaire Brad Smith and his wife Alys, aims to stimulate innovation, productivity, and an excellent work-life balance without early burnout.

Ascend West Virginia is now accepting applications from anyone interested in relocating to Morgantown, with Lewisburg and Shepherdstown set to join the roster in 2022.

Providing incentives

Payment checks are issued in person at the coworking space, most likely because Ascend West Virginia wants to make sure you’re present.

Requirements for eligibility


Newton, Iowa.

Iowa has a lot to offer remote workers eager to sacrifice city life for country pleasure. It is known for its large farms, tiny towns, friendly people, and wide-open areas.

Though Newton is rural, it is only 35 miles east of Des Moines, and the cost of living is substantially lower than in adjacent states like Illinois.

Newton in a nutshell

Newton’s scheme to attract distant employees, known as the Newton Housing Initiative, offers cash and other benefits to in-town house buyers.

The effort, which began in 2014 to increase Newton’s tax base, improve local services, and rev revive the stagnant housing market, has since grown.

Providing incentives

Requirements for eligibility