Relocation Guide : Moving To Des Moines, Iowa

June 3, 2024

Those who suggest moving to Des Moines, Iowa consider that there will be few and far between cultural and city facilities. Des Moines breaks those, and many more, myths. Serving as the capital and hub of Iowa for much of the economic and cultural activity of the state, in this friendly Midwestern region, you get the best of both worlds. Des Moines provides a small town with a perfect life experience. While some can find Iowa to be a state of drive-through or fly-over, living in Des Moines provides far more than the eye meets.

It is also known as “Hartford of the West,” with over 80 insurance providers in Des Moines, low living rates, and a vibrant job market. The housing market is rising but still affordable, and you’ll have easy access to a great variety of culture and entertainment. You will enjoy your new home. You’ll see why It’s lovely to live in Des Moines,

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Guide Moving to Des Moines. IA

Des Moines is an amazingly vibrant place to live. The greater metro area has a population of 655,410, but there are around 216,850 people in Des Moines proper, as well as many beautiful historic communities around the center of the city. Des Moines offers culture, a low cost of living, and bountiful outdoor opportunities as the capital and most populated city of Iowa. And famously, in Des Moines, the first caucuses of the presidential primary cycle are held.

Housing Market

The cost of housing in Des Moines is below the national average, and many enjoy the “bang for your buck” you will get from living in Des Moines. The median home value was $146,555 as of November 2019, well below the average of $227,025 in the US. Over the past year, home prices have risen by 3.8% and expects an increase of 6.7% in 2020. Many more individuals buy in Iowa than rent, because of the inexpensive home prices.

If you want to rent, you will pay an average monthly rent of 1000 dollars. Both renting or purchasing, the most expensive places to live are many of the older, historic neighborhoods like Waterbury or Waveland Heights outside the metro area of Des Moines. Fairground, King-Irving Park, Kirkwood Glen, Carpenter, and Cheatom Park are the least expensive communities.

Cost Of Living Moving To Des Moines,

In addition to lower living prices, everything from childcare expenses to transportation makes Des Moines a family home that is very budget-friendly. Des Moines is one of the cheapest places to live and yet offers a high-quality lifestyle, with a Best Living cost of living index score of 85.9, based on a US average of 100. It is ranked 114 for health care, making it a little more costly than the national average. Transportation, utilities, miscellaneous expenses, lodging, and food costs also rate below 100, making them more manageable than the average in the United States.

To live a modest lifestyle in Des Moines, a family of four will need an annual income of $77,584, according to Compared to the US average of $53,482, the median household income is $46,430.

Job Market and Economy

In 2018-19, jobs increased by 2.7 percent in Des Moines. Jobs growth is expected to rise 37.4 percent over the next 10 years, compared to the overall US growth of 33.5 percent. Unemployment is below the national average of 3.9 per cent at 3.0 per cent .

In addition to the critical financial services and publishing industries, Des Moines is a major center of the US insurance industry. In Des Moines, over 80 insurance firms employ thousands of employees, helping to keep Des Moines’ average wage close to the national average at $50,000. Logistics and distribution are other significant sectors.

Wells Fargo, Electronic Data Systems, UnityPoint Health, CDS Global MidAmerican Energy Company, The Meredith Corporation, Mercy Medical Center, UPS, and Drake University are the main employers. A Job Board with lists of part-time and full-time jobs in many sectors is maintained by the Des Moines Register. If you’re looking for jobs, polish your resume.

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