Guide Moving to a “Work From Home” Setup

June 3, 2024

What you should think about

Although traveling is difficult for most households, finding one or two family members who work from home adds another dimension of difficulty. You’re not only changing where you live, but also where you work. While working from home has its benefits, such as a shorter commute, moving can be stressful as you look for a home that not only suits your budget but also your work schedule. If you work from home and are planning a relocation in the near future, here are some things to think about when you start to ready your home office moving.

When you ready your home office for a move, here are few things to think about ahead of time.

How soon do you need to get going?

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when you ready your home office for a relocation is how far away you’ll be going. If you’re traveling through the US, it might make more sense to bring any important office equipment with you, such as laptops or computers, so you can get up and running quickly, while the non-essentials fly with your furniture. It might not be as much of a problem if you’re going across town.

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Do you have any confidential files?

One of the first things you can think about when preparing your home office for a relocation is whether or not you have any classified information that need to be transferred. If you have sensitive files that need to be transported over long distances, lockable totes or a lockable file vault are two choices. If you’re traveling locally, transporting those items separately from your household shipment and handling them yourself might be a feasible choice.

Have you made a backup of your data?

It goes without saying that you don’t want anything to happen to your data while you ready your home office for a move. Although your movers would be cautious of technology, the temperature and weather are factors over which they have little influence. Cold weather, for example, may have an adverse effect on electronics and cause harm. Backing up your files is another way to ensure that you can get back up and running as soon as possible with no downtime.

Things You Need To Consider Before Moving Your Home Office

Do you understand how it is connected?

When you ready your home office for a move, it’s also vital to make sure you understand how everything works together. Although you could have designed your computer and printer yourself a few years ago, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll know how it works in your new home. When you continue to disassemble things, make sure to take pictures of all or label cords.

Do you have the original packaging for any of your devices?

One of the things to think about when you ready your home office for a relocation is whether you have all of the original packaging for any of your goods. While it isn’t needed, it might be advantageous if you can use the original carton to pack your belongings, since they may provide a convenient and stable mode of transportation to your new home. T

When you continue to prepare for your upcoming relocation, make sure to start planning and training as far ahead as possible. Although it isn’t always feasible, planning ahead ensures that all is considered, which helps to maintain a smooth and seamless move.

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