Gift Ideas For Someone Moving

June 3, 2024

The arrival of the holidays and the season of giving is nearly always a difficult time of year, and adding moving in 2022 and shifting to a new residence to the mix only adds to the chaos, yet it still happens. Finding the perfect present for friends or relatives can be challenging enough on its own, but it becomes even more difficult when you consider that these individuals don’t want (or need) any additional “stuff” to move when migrating to a new location.

Showcase A Skilled Mover

Everyone understands how difficult it is to pack, load up, and relocate, whether they’re relocating across town or across the nation especially moving in 2022. Consider giving them the gift of hiring a professional mover to help them with these tasks. Consider their expressions when they learn that a seasoned moving company will handle these responsibilities.

Send a Space for Storage

Those who are downsizing may want temporary storage space as they adjust to their new surroundings. There may be other reasons why renting temporary storage is advantageous for folks who are moving and do not yet have a place to call home. You might want to consider giving the gift of extra room to individuals who will only need it for a short time. This place could be as basic as allowing free temporary storage in the corner of your basement or garage.

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A Generous Non-Seasonal Present

When relocating after the holidays, you can still step up to the plate and send a nice present to your friends or family on or before moving day. A care package could include items they’ll need when they get to their new place, so they won’t have to waste time opening boxes. Toiletries, new toothbrushes, toothpaste, instant coffee, travel-sized products like shampoo, a non-perishable breakfast, or even something to munch on may all be stored in this container.

Any of these gifts are not only useful, but they’re also thoughtful, making them ideal presents for anyone who is planning a relocation.

Moving in 2022

Organize Your Moving Supplies

There is a profusion of gifts to select in the moving supply category with boxes, tape, markers, and packing materials to preserve sensitive objects from harm. But don’t be afraid to look “outside the box” (pun intended) when making these decisions. While rolls of tape are a good option, a tape gun will help you get the job done faster. Other goods to consider when relocating are shelf liners, cleaning supplies, a wide variety of paper products, plates, TP, towels, and disposable utensils, to name a few. Other alternatives include bespoke, attractive signs for their renovated home’s door or yard or gifts with their new address written on return labels. Moving in 2022 becomes a lot more challenging so getting them the supplies they need is a good idea.

moving in 2022

Sending Gifts to a New Location

Gift certificates are a popular present that allows recipients to choose what they want to buy or go to a pre-selected location or event. Gift certificates could be chosen specifically to discover a new, local arena, place, or event for individuals relocating to an unfamiliar town or a location in another state, especially for those moving to an unfamiliar town or a location in another state. Consider giving them a trip to a nearby zoo or theme park, tickets to upcoming events to give them a break after relocating, a gift certificate to a favorite chain or well-loved local restaurant (see online review sites for ideas), or massage treatments or a spa day to help them relax after moving.

There are also other types of memberships to consider, including those to a local gym, museum, Performing Arts Center, Golf Club, or Country Club. Consider their interests, and this presentation can be a unique way to welcome them to this new region without having to be there yourself. So what do you think you’ll get for your friend whose moving in 2022.