Relocation Guide 2023: Moving to Fremont, CA

March 2, 2023

Relocation Guide 2023: Moving to Fremont, CA

Moving to Fremont? Fremont, CA is connected to Silicon Valley, it is situated on the southeast side of San Francisco Bay, 25 minutes northwest of San Jose. 55 minutes northwest, over SR92, the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, is San Francisco. If you’re moving to Fremont in nearby Silicon Valley for a high-tech career, or because of its proximity to San Francisco or San Jose, Fremont offers all the luxuries and amenities you and your family might like.

Popular for being the location of many silent films (including those with famous actor Charlie Chaplin) and shaping the growth of the film industry in Hollywood, Fremont is today a beautiful, family-friendly city with a trendy culture and high-end taste

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Guide Moving to Fremont, California

More than half of Asia’s ancestry is made up of the diverse and highly educated Fremont population. Roughly 51% of residents are Asian, 33% are White, and 15% are Latino. In the world, Fremont has the largest concentration of Afghan citizens.

It doesn’t take much to convince anyone to move here, if you can afford it, from the stunning natural scenery and weather to the gorgeous hilltop homes, posh restaurants, and vibrant downtown district with art galleries, festivals, special events.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Fremont

– It is close to San Francisco, San Jose, and Silicon Valley
– Weather and Climate
– Outdoor and Cultural activities
– Diverse culture

– Heavy Population
– Pricy Housing Market
– Long Commute
– High Cost of Living

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Cost of Living

To compare lodging, groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare expenses, uses a cost of living index. For either of these groups, the national average index score is 100. The total cost of a living index score is 227.3 in Fremont, CA, about twice as high as the US average of 100, and also far higher for the state of California than the index score of 149.9.

Housing with a score of more than four times the average at 486.1 and transportation with a score of 124.5 are some of the higher individual expenditures that account for this higher score.

According to the EPI Family Budget Calculator, to live comfortably in the Fremont Oakland, CA metro region, a family of four would need to raise at least $123,310 per year.

Economy and Job Opportunity

For Fremont, a higher-than-average per capita income and expected future job growth, combined with a lower-than-average rate of unemployment, suggests a healthy economy. The per capita income is $40,815, with an unemployment rate of just 2.6%. The per capita gross US income is $28,555 and the average unemployment rate is 3.9 percent. Over the past year, Fremont has seen a 1.4 percent rise in job growth, and analysts are predicting an additional 37 percent increase over the next ten years.

With many of these industries based in Silicon Valley, the main industries include technology, architecture and engineering, solar panel, research sciences, healthcare, and management. The top employers are Tesla, Lam Research Company, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Seagate, Synnex, and Western Digital, with 250 to 1,000+ staff.

Residents of New Fremont who work in either of those industries should not have any trouble finding a job, but for these high-paying jobs, you will face some serious competition. Try to focus on direct professional references or working with the right recruiters if you are trying to get in with one of the big employers. Alternatively, through local career fairs, online job-matching websites, such as or, and local networking activities, new residents may be able to communicate with hiring managers.


State Income Tax:
The average state income tax rate in California is 9.3 percent, almost twice the average rate of 4.6 percent in the US. According to, if your household income is $120,000, just under the average for Fremont, you can expect to pay around $8,004 in state income tax.

Property Tax:
The property tax rate for Alameda County is 0.79 percent, which is a little higher than the 0.75 percent rate for Los Angeles County. You should expect to pay around $5,495 annually in property tax if you buy a home in Fremont priced at $700,000.

Sales Tax:
For Fremont, the combined state, county, and city sales tax rate is 9.25 percent. The CA state sales tax is 6 percent, the Alameda County sales tax is 0.25 percent, and although no tax is levied by the city of Fremont, the government receives a 3 percent special tax. The US average sales tax is 7.25 percent, so the sales tax rate for Fremont is high.

Housing Market

Homeowners are the majority of Fremont residents; only 35 percent of residents rent their homes. The median home value in Fremont is $1,065,700 as of December 2019, says, and the median price of homes currently on the market is $980,499. Over the previous year, home prices declined 0.6 percent. The monthly median rent is $3,250.

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In some more affordable Fremont neighborhoods, including Blacow, Central District, Cherry-Guardino, and Parkmont, your dollar will go a little further.

What to do when moving to Fremont

Fremont has something for everyone, whether you like being involved in the great outdoors, exploring art and music, or enjoying more culinary pursuits. Hiking to the top of the Mission Peaks, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the area, going for a jog or hosting a BBQ picnic at Lake Elizabeth, or spending time hiking or biking outdoors at the Coyote Hills Regional Park are some of the most popular outdoor excursions.

Fans of art and culture will enjoy visiting the Silent Film Museum of Niles Essanay, the Natural History Museum of Children, and the nearby San Jose Museum of Art. As Fremont has more than 25 Indian restaurants, and while most cities have a ‘Chinatown,’ Fremont has a ‘Little Kabul,’ which serves as a small city center for Afghani food and culture, residents of Fremont can enjoy a plethora of dining choices.

Thai fusion, fine Italian, and traditional French cuisine are also accessible in Fremont, and you’ll enjoy a visit to the California Craft Beer pub if you love craft beer. Fremont still has special events and family-friendly festivals planned for a more rotational range of activities. Residents will never be bored, from weekly farmers’ markets to ‘Pumpkin Palooza,’ to jewelry displays and holiday parades.

While Fremont does not have its own professional sports team, with the San Francisco 49ers, the Oakland Raiders, the San Francisco Giants, and the San Jose Sharks, to name a few, the San Francisco Bay area provides easy access to professional baseball, football, and hockey games.

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