Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Fresno, California

June 3, 2024

Dreamin ‘of California? If so, Fresno is one of the best locations in the Golden State for traveling around. Ask any of the Fresno locals, and they’ll tell you why their town is loved. They are about the relatively low cost of living, the proximity of the Sierra Nevada mountains to year-round outdoor sports, and the temperate springs, falls, and winters. And then the food is there. Fresno is well known for its fresh fruit and vegetables, along with tacos to die for as a center of agriculture.

The median home value in Fresno is a refreshing $243,400, making Fresno an affordable California city, compared to the California median home value of $547,700. Recent job growth is positive, growing by 2.04 percent from last year, especially in the fields of technology and agriculture. But all the stuff to see and do in the fifth most populous city in the state are the best perks of all. Dozens of museums, performing arts centers, historic theaters, and parks are located in Fresno.

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Guide Moving to Fresno

Fresno is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lively, well-situated California city that’s moderately priced and cultured. Fresno is the fifth-largest city in California, with 530,093 people and covering about 112 square miles.

Fresno lies at the foot of world-famous recreational areas such as Yosemite National Park and the Sequoia National Forest, nestled snugly in the San Joaquin Valley between the Sierra Nevada and the Coast Range. Plus, it is conveniently situated from major urban centers such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento within a three-hour drive.

The median home price is $243,400, according to Zillow, called “One of the Country’s Most Affordable Places to Live” by the New York Times. Over the past year, home prices have gone up 6.6 percent, and Zillow expects that in 2019-2020 they will increase 3.6 percent. The average rent in Fresno is reported by RentCafé as $1045, well below the state average of $1,359.

fresno road sign on a blue sky background

What started as a small, agricultural swift stop across the Central Pacific Railroad has grown into a vibrant metropolis with all the facilities one would need. US. U.S. Based on the quality of life, the job market in the metro area, and the overall value of living, the News & World Report ranks Fresno #119 among the best places to live in the US.

In the Best Places to Retire, it also ranked Fresno as #94. Fresno is becoming a great alternative to larger, more expensive California cities with its lively art scene, rising economy, and newly revitalized downtown. The appeal is boosted by hundreds of top-notch museums and attractions, a thriving dining scene, and some fantastic colleges. For those considering an attractive, inexpensive California alternative, Fresno is an ideal town to consider.

House Market

Between homeowners and tenants, the Fresno market is fairly evenly divided. More than 51% of residents own houses. With a median home value of $243,400, houses are very inexpensive relative to other cities in the state.

And rents, while going up dramatically, are still affordable. The average rent for an apartment in Fresno, CA, is $1450, marking a 13.24 percent rise from 2018, according to Zillow.

South Growth Area, McLane, West, Hoover & Woodward Park are the cheapest places to rent, but beware, you always get what you pay for. For more space and a more affordable cost of living, you could just sacrifice location or safety.

Living Expense

According to the Fresno Bee, Fresno’s annual unemployment rate has hit its lowest point in at least 28 years. According to, unemployment hovers around 5.8 per cent. But compared to the US average of 3.8 percent, that is still a high figure. With the largest rises in the technology and agricultural industries, recent employment growth has risen by 2.04 percent.

A financial website study, GoBankingRates, found that a person could comfortably live on an income of approximately $44,500 a year in Fresno, putting the city on a par with the cost of living in Albuquerque or Detroit. Monthly expenses for an average family of four average around $6152, necessitating an annual income of $73,827, according to the Economic Policy Institute. The cost of living in Fresno is 7.80 per cent higher than the average in the US.

Natural Disasters & Weather

Fresno is situated in the middle of California, with cool, damp winters and very hot dry summers, in a semi-arid climate region. The coldest month in Fresno in December, when the average daytime temperature is 57 ° F, and it can go down to 37 ° F overnight. The average daytime temperature rises to 97°F in July, the warmest month, but it can also top 100°F. It’ll cool down to around 67°F on a July night.

The annual precipitation amounts to around 11.5 inches. The driest month is July, and with 2.20 inches, March is the wettest. While summers are famously hot, there is almost no moisture, so you can expect overnight cooling.

Tule fog is a natural phenomenon during the wet winter months in the San Joaquin Valley. With a thick fog that makes driving highly risky, the valley becomes saturated. In Fresno, the risk of earthquake damage is much lower than the average in California, as it is in the center of the state, but much higher than the national average. In the event of dam failure, earthquake, flood, drought, fog, or severe storms, the Fresno County Multi-Hazard Contingency Plan includes emergency procedures. When you move to Fresno, familiarize yourself with the plan so that in the event of a natural disaster, you can remain safe.

Job Market and Economy

In California’s Central Valley, the majority of the nation’s produce is grown, making Fresno the country’s number one agricultural county. Agriculture, which employs almost 20 percent of the workforce and provides billions for the local economy, is the backbone of the Fresno region. Farms, groves, fields, and ranches surround the metro area, producing a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, and other foodstuffs.

But for ranchers and farmers, Fresno isn’t just a sanctuary. The Central Valley tech industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, becoming one of California’s biggest hubs outside of Silicon Valley. In downtown Fresno, companies such as Bitwise Industries have set up technology centers, revitalizing underutilized historic buildings for new app startups. Through education and business incubation, their Geekwise Academy has led the charge in this development. There are also countless possibilities in the food and beverage arena with the renovation of Fresno’s downtown. New restaurants open on a monthly basis, providing food preparation, service, and live entertainment opportunities. states, by population, that the most common employment sectors are:

  1. 15.8% for health insurance and social assistance
  2. 11.8% Retail trade
  3. 8.7% Educational Programs
  4. 8.4% Lodging and food facilities
  5. 7.5 percent Produce
  6. 6.1% Public Administration
  7. 5.2 percent for agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting,

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