Guide Moving to Bakersfield, California

June 3, 2024

If you’re going for a job or education in Bakersfield, moving to Bakersfield, CA is a choice you’ll be able to make. Located in central California’s southern San Joaquin Valley, the city is an important commercial center for energy production and agriculture, so important that Bakersfield has the reputation of being the fourth most productive agricultural county in the US, and Kern County is the largest oil producer of all counties in the world.

Guide Moving to Bakersfield, CA

With the classic ‘Bakersfield theme’ made popular by Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, and The Strangers, Bakersfield has blessed country music lovers with Breadbasket and energy giant aside. Putting Bakersfield on the map as a place for fun and entertainment is an emerging culture and arts scene. And Bakersfield’s rich Basque community has been enjoyed by locals for years.

Housing is affordable for a happy city, and the schools are highly praised. Bakersfield is an ideal place for you to raise a family or continue your schooling. The southern mountains of Sierra Nevada are only two hours east, where almost any conceivable year-round activity is waiting for you if you love the outdoors. If you have fun outside, or work or research within, the quality of life is the hallmark of Bakersfield.

Oil, forestry, country music and more, The 380,874 locals of Bakersfield have no shortage of diverse opportunities for work and play. First Fridays, monthly gatherings, college sports, lecture series, nightlife, markets for organic farmers, rodeo, performing arts, live music—your schedule will be full of things to do. And if you are looking for comfort, the central location of Bakersfield means that by just hopping on I-5 or Hwy 99, you can zip off to anywhere in California.

Demand For Housing

The median home value was $244,400 as of August 2020. The US median home listing price is $226,800, according to 29.7 percent of home appreciation over the last ten years. Bakersfield homes are 28 years old, on average. While developers in the last 20 years have developed many new buildings, Central Bakersfield has some beautiful old homes on large tree-filled lots.

With 40.2 percent of the population renting, over 59.8 percent of individuals buy. For apartments, condos, guest houses, and spare rooms, the median rent price is $1.015. The housing market in Bakersfield is expanding, but on average only 2.2 percent of houses and apartments are on the rental market. Oildale and Lamont are the cheapest places to rent in Bakersfield.

Moving to Bakersfield, CA?
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Cost of Living has collected the cost of living data which uses an average US cost of living index of 100. So, a ranking below 100 means that the cost of living is less than the average in the United States.

Such higher than average costs include 111.7 for electricity, 110.3 for transportation, and 102.9 for miscellaneous (repairs, insurance, dining out, etc.) Groceries 98.1 and health care 83.8. have lower than average prices.

They need to raise $6,100 monthly for a family of four to live a modest lifestyle in Bakersfield, according to the Family Budget Calculator of the Economic Policy Institute.

Job Market and Economy

Unemployment in Bakersfield is slightly higher at 6.10 percent than the US average of 3.7 percent. That said, in the last year, the job market has risen by 1.2 percent, but not quite keeping up with the 1.59 percent US growth. It is estimated that projected employment growth over the next 10 years will be 24.2 percent, about 10 percent less than the national forecast. Even though the economy is lagging behind the US average, the $60,058 household income is significantly higher than the $57,652 US average.

Agriculture, oil extraction and processing, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and local and county government are the top industries. The top employers in Bakersfield include County Kern, The Giumarra Businesses, Grimmway Farms, Bolthouse Farms, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Bakersfield City, and Bakersfield Mercy Hospitals.

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Moving to Bakersfield, CA?
Here are the Best Interstate Moving Companies