Guides on How to Live in a Studio Apartment

November 23, 2021

Guides on How to Live in a Studio Apartment

Because the bedroom and living room are integrated into a studio apartment, it can be difficult to live comfortably. Depending on the size of the room, you may have concerns about how to live effectively in a studio apartment. What should you do with the bed? We’ve compiled a list of useful studio apartment living tips to assist you in re-imagining your limited spaces.

Storage Alternatives

Keep your clothes out in the open to dry

Unfortunately, some studio apartment closets are insufficient to hold a full wardrobe. Making your own closet is the best approach to dealing with that cramped space. To give your clothing a home, conceal a standing clothes rack behind a curtain. Alternatively, you can use your clothes as decor by hanging them artistically in the open. For a truly distinctive look, use ceiling-mounted clothes racks or get creative with DIY clothes racks.

If the concept of open clothes storage makes you uncomfortable, try the following suggestions:

De-clutter your cooking tools and go grocery shopping frequently

In a studio apartment, your kitchen will most likely be one of two things: a row of cupboards along one wall of the living room, or a room so small that the refrigerator door can barely be opened all the way. What are your options for making it work? By taking into account the following.

Only purchase food that you will consume within a few weeks

Do not, under any circumstances, let kitchen messes accumulate. Dishes should be washed as they are used, old food should be thrown out as soon as possible, and all surfaces should be cleaned after cooking.

Only purchase necessary kitchen utensils

Remember that you don’t need a tofu press, and you don’t need twelve different knives. Don’t let your cabinets become overflowing with pasta boxes and canned vegetables you’ll never use.

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Challenges in Layout

The average studio apartment is between 300 and 400 square feet in size. There are three basic layouts to choose from:

Here’s an example of a floor layout for a studio apartment:

A Guide to Living in a Studio Apartment

Regardless of whose layout you choose, the following advice applies.

Make it appear as if you’re in a bedroom

One method to compensate for the lack of a bedroom in a studio is to build one—or at least the illusion of one.

Create a private “bedroom” by separating your bed from the rest of the room with a curtain, shelving unit, or classic room divider. A barrier might not be practical in a small flat, and it could make the area feel cramped.

If you can’t separate the bed with a divider, the following suggestions may be useful:

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Choose a furniture arrangement that fits your lifestyle

Make a place where you may socialize with friends, watch TV, and work on your laptop. To accomplish this, consider using a multifunctional approach. Install wall shelving that can be used for all three instead of buying a desk, a TV stand, and a bookcase. Rather than purchasing a large, unwieldy couch, purchase a pair of smaller armchairs. However, before you buy anything, consider how you’ll use the space.

Here are a few questions to ponder:

Studio apartments are perfect for young individuals who are living on their own for the first time due to their cost. However, packing everything into 300 square feet is absolutely daunting. You’ll figure out how to live in a studio apartment in no time if you remember to be creative and orderly.

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