Backyard Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

June 3, 2024

Backyard additions, such as covered patios and outdoor kitchens, may turn unused outdoor space into usable space. When you add features like gardens and fire pits to the mix, your house will soon become one of the most sought-after properties on the market when—and if—you decide to sell it. Are you ready to make a change? These are some of the most valuable backyard improvements you can do.

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Backyard Home Improvements

Build a deck or a patio

A patio or deck that has been furnished can be used as an addition to your house. According to research, if you don’t already have one, adding one can add the value of your property. A new deck can increase the value of your home too.

But don’t get too carried away with trying to increase the value of your property. Check your local ordinances before starting to build a new deck (or hiring a contractor to create one for you) to ensure it will meet the code when finished. If you reside in a homeowners’ association, double-check that a deck doesn’t break any of the rules.

Improve Your Landscape

The best outside improvements you should be doing anyway: are mowing grass, fertilizing, and getting rid of weeds. Applying fertilizer and weed management alone can add value to your home. That’s a return on investment!

Add walkways, trees, potted plants, and flowers to your backyard to take it to the next level. Do you want to have a nighttime party? To show off your new landscaping, consider putting solar landscape lights along paths and in key locations. Alternatively, string lights throughout the yard for more fun and festive look.

Professionals shouldn’t have any trouble installing a brick patio when one didn’t previously exist, but replacing or extending an existing patio may require hiring a contractor. The deck is no different. While you may be able to construct a deck on your own, a contractor has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the joists are properly spaced and that adequate footings are provided.

A pergola can provide some much-needed shade

Make a second sitting area, this time with some shade. A pergola provides shade while keeping an open-air effect, similar to a gazebo but with slatted openings instead of a solid roof. You can add retractable fabric screens to the sides and roof for even extra sun protection. Do you want to make it extra special? A bistro table, wicker couch, or cushioned patio chairs will add warmth to the space. During the summer, you can even install a ceiling fan to keep things cool.

Make an outdoor fire pit

Custom fire pits with gas burners are particularly popular right now. According to the NAR research, if you spend $6,000 on a custom outdoor fire pit, you can recoup up to $4,000 when you sell. However, you don’t need to employ a contractor or spend a lot of money to profit from a fire pit. You can make one yourself using a kit that includes the liner, grill rack, and even bricks. Alternatively, you can pick up the products separately.

Home renovation businesses occasionally provide free classes on how to build a DIY fire pit, and their websites have thorough written instructions and videos.

Add Fence

Without any sense of privacy, a backyard can’t feel like a refuge or paradise. If you don’t have a fence and have the opportunity to build one, take advantage of it. If you can’t or don’t want to fence in your entire yard for some reason, try putting up a privacy fence instead.

You can construct a barrier between you and your neighbors with potted plants, trellises, or a hedge, but you can also utilize panels or sunscreens for more privacy. Even patio umbrellas provide some privacy from second-story neighbors. Just keep in mind that if you plant anything too close to your house, the roots may weaken the foundation and provide robbers access to a second-floor window.

Make an outdoor kitchen

Depending on how much money you put into it, a functional outdoor kitchen can improve the value of your home. But you’ll need more than an L-shaped island with a grill, sink, and ice chest to make it genuinely unique. Add a refrigerator or a prep room under the counter. Sunscreens should be installed. In the summer, a ceiling fan and even humidifiers will help keep things cool, while in the winter, heaters or a nearby fire aspect will keep things warm.

Make a garden

Planting a garden may provide you with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. Edibles can be woven into an existing landscape for added color or planted in a sectioned-off area. Have no idea where to begin? Online courses are available, and classes at local nurseries and botanical gardens are also available.

Adding a garden is a DIY project that virtually anyone can do. You can plant your garden in the ground or in raised beds, but make sure you have a well-thought-out layout that takes into account your backyard’s overall beauty. It’s crucial to weed and prune it after it’s in situ to keep it from becoming an annoyance.

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