Homeowner’s Maintenance Checklist: Monthly, Yearly, and More

March 8, 2023
Homeowner’s Maintenance Checklist: Monthly, Yearly, and More

Homeowner’s Maintenance Checklist: Monthly, Yearly, and More: From 2017 to 2019, there have been more than 2 million new homeowners. So, over the past few years, the number of new homeowners has grown immensely.

Buying their first home means going from being a renter to a homeowner for many people. While by keeping their new home properly maintained and repaired, they can generate equity in their real estate investment, these new homeowners unexpectedly find themselves needing to forgo the assistance of their landlord for simple maintenance requests.

How to maintain your home interior stays in great shape

You should ensure that your new home is in good condition to cope with the winter weather before you start to feel a chill in the air. Think carefully about where you could be vulnerable to drafts in your home and see what you can do about it. To insulate them from the cold, you might be able to caulk gaps around vents, use insulation film for windows or wrap foam sleeves around exposed pipes.

If you have pull-down attic stairs, you might be able to pick up a stair cover to prevent air from escaping that way. If you have a fireplace, it may also be a heat suck, leaving it open, so see if you can pick up an inflatable plug for it. You might need to invest in weatherstripping for windows and doors.

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You’ll want to be aware of any simple plumbing problems, in addition to weatherproofing your house, and learn how to fix them on the spot. Ruptured levers and clogged drains are typical toilet problems. To patch a busted lever, learn your way around a toilet plunger and auger, and don’t be afraid to go into the top tank with a few basic parts from your nearest hardware store.

Are you looking for a quick remedy for a twisted chain that keeps the bathroom going long after it’s flushed? Using a plastic straw, try straightening the kink out! Make sure you frequently recaulk around the sink as required to prevent leaks in your kitchen.

Maintenance tips for your appliances

Here’s a major one you’re probably going to need your water heater to drain once a year, if not every six months. Sediments can build-up, resulting in higher energy bills or even causing your water heater to fully break down. Substitutions could cost thousands of dollars.

Make sure all major appliances in your house are properly maintained according to their specifications. Another helpful idea you would want to remember if you have a garage is to keep the opening mechanisms well lubricated at all times.

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How to well-maintained home exterior

The outside of your home is against the poor weather on the front lines, and it’s your neighborhood face. Make sure that it’s handled properly.

Regularly vacuum out the gutters. Clear litter, stopping them from doing their work, until it accumulates and destroys the gutters. Clean the gutters regularly and repair any leaks or other issues you find.

In the warmer months, you’ll want to refresh the paint job of your house regularly. How much you have to repaint can vary depending on the type of underlying material, according to skilled painters Wow 1 Day Painting, but usually, wood siding will need to be redone more often while brick, if there is some painting on it, will last for as long as 20 years with a single paint job! Based on the current paint job of your home and the type of weather it is subjected to, your mileage can vary.

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