Things to Do Get Your Office Back After Shutdown

June 3, 2024

COVID OFFICE PREPAREDNESS: COVID-19 has undeniably turned the lives of American workers upside down. Returning to the workplace, meanwhile, appears to be a long way off. When the time comes, you’ll want to make sure your employees know their health and safety are being taken into account. For COVID office readiness, We prepared three important measures.

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Reorganize and declutter

Traditional workstation setups may need to be disassembled and modified to enable 6-foot social distance norms. The idea is to keep workers sufficiently separated from one another or to create a barrier that inhibits the virus from spreading.

Quick-Ship Panels, for example, can be added to sit/stand workstations and move up and down with the desk. When one employee is sitting and the other is standing, this prevents exposure. Another way for creating a barrier between workers is to use moveable walls.

Employers may need to remove excess furniture to make room for all the rearranging. If you’re short on space, consider using off-site storage.

Talk about safety

Employees will most likely suffer uncertainty and worry when they return to work. Post instructional signage or send additional staff messages to keep them informed of the company’s COVID office readiness efforts, including safety precautions, modifications, and enhancements.

Posters that serve as “how-to” recommendations can help promote healthy hygiene. Don’t forget about the logistics! Ascertain that proper personal protective equipment is easily available in the workplace. Workers have more control with hand sanitizer, face masks, and glove stations.

Stop Germs from spreading

COVID-19’s ability to endure on hard surfaces is currently unknown, however, some signs imply several days. Because COVID-19 is a one-way virus, disinfect tables, phones, keyboards, and phones on a regular basis.

Antimicrobial work surfaces, such as those seen on conference tables and reception desks, provide an added layer of protection for workers (and customers).

Consider selling any excess furniture or products to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you’re getting a lot of products or shipments, you might want to have them delivered and stored off-site.

We don’t know when the shelter in place orders will be withdrawn and people will be able to return to work, but we know it will happen eventually. Make sure your office is COVID-ready so that your employees feel informed, supported, and safe when they return.