Why Penske Truck Rentals Are Perfect for Moving Day

June 3, 2024

Affordable Pricing

When it comes to moving, everyone wants to save money without sacrificing quality. That’s why Penske’s affordable pricing makes them a top choice for DIY movers. Penske offers trucks in various sizes, from small 10-foot trucks perfect for studio apartments to 26-foot trucks capable of moving a whole house. Their pricing is very competitive with other major rental companies like U-Haul and Budget

In addition to daily rates, Penske has weekly and monthly rates that can save you serious cash for longer moves. You can rent a 12-foot Penske truck for a full month for only $799. With unlimited miles included, that’s an incredible deal compared to other rental companies. Whether you need a truck for a few hours or a few weeks, Penske’s affordable pricing beats the competition while still providing high-quality trucks from a trusted name in moving.

Nationwide Availability

With over 2,200 truck rental locations across the United States and Canada, Penske has one of the largest rental networks. This makes it easy and convenient for customers to rent a truck for their move, whether they need to pick up and return the truck locally or drive one-way. 

Penske operates locations in all 50 states, so customers can get a truck in their hometown before driving out of state. The nationwide presence also enables one-way rentals between states, which is perfect for cross-country moves. You simply pick up the truck in one state and return it to a Penske location in your destination state. This flexibility ensures renters can get a truck wherever their move originates and ends.

In addition to corporate-owned stores, Penske partners with independent dealers to provide even greater access to trucks in local communities. No matter where you are moving within the continental US, you’ll be able to find a Penske rental location nearby. The widespread availability makes Penske an ideal option for DIY movers.

Reliable Trucks

When it comes to moving day, you want a reliable rental truck that you can count on to transport your belongings safely and efficiently. Penske maintains a modern fleet of trucks that undergo routine inspection and preventive maintenance to minimize breakdowns. Their trucks average just 18 months old, so most of their fleet has the latest amenities and technology to make your move go smoothly. 

Before every rental, Penske thoroughly checks each truck’s engine, tires, fluids, lights, brakes, and more to ensure optimal performance. Their technicians take pride in equipping customers with well-running trucks. Penske even offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance in case any issues arise during your move. 

With newer model trucks and rigorous preventative maintenance procedures, you can trust Penske to provide you a reliable rental truck on moving day. Their modern fleet means you can drive at ease knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Helpful Moving Supplies

Renting a truck is just one part of a successful move. Penske Truck Rental takes the stress out of gathering all the essential moving supplies by offering everything you need in one convenient stop. When you reserve your truck, you can also stock up on:

Moving boxes: Penske has over 20 types and sizes of boxes available to accommodate items both large and small. Boxes are clean and sturdy to safely transport belongings.

Packing tape: Secure boxes with high-quality tape designed for moving. Tape dispensers are available to quickly seal cartons.

Furniture pads: Protect furniture, appliances, and other possessions by securing pads over them when loading the truck. Pads cushion items from dents and scratches.

Moving blankets: Further guard furniture and mattresses with thick, quilted moving blankets. They provide an extra layer of padding during transport.

Bubble wrap: Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap for shock absorption and cushioning. Get as many feet as needed. 

Tape dispensers and utility knives: Tape boxes faster with a tape dispenser and safely cut through tape and bubble wrap with a utility knife.

Labels: Identify boxes by room or contents with peel-and-stick labels. Keep things organized for unloading.

Dollies and hand trucks:*Easily maneuver large, awkward items with a dolly or hand truck designed for moving. Makes loading and unloading much easier.

Getting all supplies in one place from a trusted brand like Penske helps remove the stress and hassle of gathering items from multiple stores. With quality truck rentals and accessories, Penske has you fully covered for moving day.

Easy Reservations 

Penske makes the process of reserving a truck simple and convenient for customers. You can easily book your truck rental online at Penske’s user-friendly website or over the phone by speaking with one of their friendly reservation agents. 

The online reservation system allows you to enter your rental location, dates, truck size, and other details to get an instant quote. You can view available inventory and reserve your truck with just a few clicks. Penske offers a mobile app as well, so you can book a truck on-the-go.

If you prefer to speak with an agent, Penske’s toll-free number connects you directly to their reservation center. The team can check availability, provide quotes, and book your truck over the phone. They have extended hours to fit your schedule.

One great perk of booking early with Penske is taking advantage of their early booking discounts. The further in advance you reserve your truck, the more you can save on your rental rate. Lock in your ideal truck by booking at least 2-4 weeks before your move date.

Penske makes reserving easy and affordable. With an intuitive website, helpful agents, and early booking discounts, you can conveniently secure the perfect truck for moving day.

Convenient Pickup and Return

Penske makes pickup and return incredibly easy. When you reserve with them, you can select the exact pickup date, time, and location. If the location is closed at your ideal pickup or return time, no problem! Many locations have after-hours drop-off so you can pick up the truck on your schedule. 

For the return, you can select any Penske location in the country, so you can drop the truck off where it’s most convenient for you. The drop-off process is quick and easy – just return the truck and keys to the rental counter. Some locations also allow drop-off without having to go inside if you prefer a contactless experience.

Overall, Penske offers a flexible and convenient pickup and return process. You can customize it to fit your moving schedule, even if that includes after-hours pickup or drop-off. No stress about restricted hours or return locations – you can pick up and drop off when and where works for you.

Damage Protection Plans

Renting a truck to move your belongings can be a stressful experience. You want the move to go smoothly without any damage to your possessions or the rental truck. Penske Truck Rental offers damage protection plans to give renters peace of mind on moving day.

Penske provides several types of protection plans, including their Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and optional deductible levels. The CDW will cover damages to the Penske rental truck if an accident occurs, protecting the renter from paying for costly repairs. Renters can choose a CDW deductible anywhere from $0 to $1500 based on their coverage needs. Those with good driving records may only need a basic $500 deductible, while extra cautious movers can opt for full $0 deductible coverage. 

For protection of your own belongings inside the truck, Penske also offers a Cargo Protection Plan. This covers loss or damage to your items being moved with liability limits up to $25,000. Now you don’t have to worry about your valuables being broken or damaged during the stresses of moving day. Coverage for labor to reload items after an accident is also included.

With Penske’s protection options, renters can relax knowing their possessions and the rental truck are covered. Damage waivers provide affordable protection without the hassle of added insurance. Be sure to ask about available protection plans when reserving your next Penske truck rental.

Unlimited Mileage

One of the best benefits of choosing Penske for your moving truck rental is their unlimited mileage policy. Unlike other rental companies, Penske does not limit the number of miles you can drive their truck. This makes them an ideal choice for longer moves across multiple states or coast-to-coast relocations. 

Penske understands that it’s impossible to accurately predict how many miles a move will require, especially if you’re moving long distance. Limiting miles would only add stress and uncertainty to an already chaotic moving day. Their unlimited mileage policy ensures you don’t have to meticulously calculate miles or worry about costly overage fees. No matter if your move is 5 miles or 500 miles, the cost of the Penske rental remains the same.

The unlimited mileage also provides the freedom to take your time and spread driving over multiple days if needed. You can stop overnight and explore your new hometown without worrying about racking up mileage charges. Penske trusts their customers to return the truck on time while allowing them flexibility in their moving schedule.

Considering most long-distance moves already involve considerable expenses, Penske’s unlimited mileage helps lower the overall cost. Renting from companies who limit miles would require frequent gas fill ups and time-consuming stops to ensure you don’t exceed the cap. You can bypass this hassle and focus solely on enjoying your road trip and move.

With no constraints on mileage, Penske empowers you to complete your move at your own pace and convenience. Their unlimited mileage policy is catered for long-distance relocations when you need a reliable rental truck without limitations.

Professional Mover Discounts

Penske Truck Rental offers special discounts for professional movers and moving companies to help make the moving process smooth and affordable. As an industry leader, Penske recognizes the importance of establishing strong partnerships with professional movers. 

Penske provides professional movers with discounted truck rental rates, reservation priority, and dedicated support contacts. The discounts can help professional moving companies significantly reduce transportation costs and improve profit margins on moving jobs. Special corporate accounts are also available for large moving companies with frequent rental needs.

The professional mover discounts apply to Penske’s extensive fleet of well-maintained trucks, from 10-foot trucks for small apartment moves to 26-foot trucks for larger homes. Movers can choose the optimal Penske truck for each move, knowing they will receive a discounted rate. Priority reservations ensure truck availability even during the busy summer moving season.

With convenient pickup and drop-off locations across the United States, Penske Truck Rental aims to be the go-to choice for professional movers. The company recognizes the expertise and importance of professional movers in assisting families and businesses with smooth, stress-free relocations. The special discounts and support programs demonstrate Penske’s commitment to being a trusted partner for the moving industry.

Excellent Customer Service

With Penske Truck Rentals, you can rely on excellent customer service before, during, and after your rental. Penske is committed to providing top-rated support so renting a truck is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

When booking your rental, Penske agents are available 24/7 by phone to answer any questions and help you select the right truck size and features for your move. Agents are courteous, knowledgeable, and work diligently to meet your needs. You can also easily manage reservations online through Penske’s user-friendly website.  

On rental day, Penske aims to make pickup quick and convenient. Friendly staff will ensure you receive a well-maintained truck in good working order and provide a thorough walk-around to orient you with the vehicle. Many locations also offer helpful moving supplies like boxes, tape, and furniture pads for purchase.

During your rental, you can rely on Penske’s 24-hour roadside assistance number to quickly address any issues that may arise with the truck. ASE-certified mechanics are ready to troubleshoot problems and get you back on the road. 

When you return your truck, Penske staff will efficiently check you in and inspect the vehicle. They work hard to make the return process fast and hassle-free after your busy moving day.

No matter when you need help, Penske’s customer service team aims to provide caring, responsive support every step of the way. Their excellent service ensures your rental experience is as smooth as possible.