What Are Best Packaging Fillers?

June 3, 2024

After getting those boxes filled with items that you need to move? Sometimes there are instances that they move around and get damaged. The best way to deal with this situation is with the help of packaging fillers. If you have these items with you but have no idea how to use them, then this is the right read for you!


This is the low-budget bubble wrap, but its versatility isn’t cut short either. Wrapping your dishes prevents them from scratching each other. It also slightly reduces the impact between items. You can also tear and roll them to balls if you don’t have packing peanuts with you. If you have run short with packing supplies then the newspaper is the material to pick up. Before you move and pack your stuff, make sure that you have secured one or two of the items listed above. This can save you money and the trouble of picking up your belongings that are broken to several pieces.


If you are moving your appliances, then the best way to do it is by using the box that they came in with when you bought them. But if you decided to throw them away, then there is no other choice but to make a new one. Try to make protection for the corners of your TVs, computer monitors, and other appliances by taping and cutting multiple sheets of Styrofoam blocks. The soft and flexible characteristic of styrofoam takes the shape of the object.

styro blocks are used as packaging fillers

Bubble Wrap

If after you have covered the corners of your appliances but it is still moving for some reason, then bubble wrap may be the solution that is left. Cover the screen side of TVs, monitors and even mirrors. This can be also used to keep your fragile items like vases, jars, and pots safe. From the word itself you can imagine what it looks like and how does it work. Bubble wrap absorbs impact that could potentially damage your stuff.


Don’t even consider allocating a large box to keep all of your towels. You’re going to make good use of these. Small sculptures, vases, platters, mirrors, picture frames, and other breakables can be wrapped in your towels. A folded towel can also act as a cushion at the bottom of a box containing fragile things. Towels can be used as extra cushioning for plates or to protect pots and pans. It also prevents from scratches and dents when packing kitchen boxes.


Packaging fillers are a great help when it comes to packing our stuff. it prevents damage and makes sure that our stuff is safe. However, some of these items are single-use and have little to none reusability. Make sure to dispose of them responsibly and try to use as little as possible.

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