What Makes PODS The Best Price for Short Distances move?

June 3, 2024

Since you don’t have to think about driving a moving vehicle, moving containers are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to travel especially for short distances move.

Everything from home size to distance to geography, we figured out why PODS save you the most money in different ways.

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PODS takes home the prize with the lowest price for a short distances move. It’s average across all move distances and home sizes nearly less than the average cost of all of the companies we looked at.

PODS would be our simple winner if it were available nationwide in various sizes and made of more rugged materials. However, since this isn’t the case, we’ll show you how to choose the best moving container service for your needs.

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Best prices for short distances move

PODS has the best short-distance moving prices we’ve found. For moves of less than 150 miles, only U-Pack (with limited availability, smaller moving containers, and lower quality) can compete, and for moves of less than 500 miles, only U-Pack (with limited availability, smaller moving containers, and lower quality) can compete. For short-distance moves, we recommend PODS.

Average Cost: $3,160


– Low price if the move is under 500 miles
– National availability
– Sturdy containers


– No online quotes
– 12-foot container is just for a short distance
– Taxes not always included in quotes

What distinguishes PODS from the competition?

PODS offers the most affordable short-distance moves.
It makes no difference how large your house or apartment is. PODS outperforms the competition in every size category:

Low in scale (one-room apartments)
Medium-sized (two- to three-room homes)
a big (five-room home)

PODS’ prices for 24 moves were compared to those of its competitors on our list of the best moving container companies. PODS outperform the average by over $500! Learn more about Check PODS Moving Cost.

PODS prices for moves under 150 miles
Large home: $1,940
Medium home: $940
Small apartment: $1,080

For moves under 500 miles, PODS has the second-lowest prices.
PODS is still one of your strongest choices for moves under 500 miles, despite the higher costs associated with its stronger container materials. Only U-Pack offers lower prices, but it comes with drawbacks such as inferior materials, only one container size, and no moves under 150 miles.

For moves of less than 500 miles, PODS charges about $60 less per space than the average of all the companies we looked at.

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