What Items Should Disassembled Before Moving?

March 7, 2023

What Items Should  Disassembled Before Moving?

Even if you hire a full-service moving company or the best commercial moving company, don’t expect loading and unloading will speed up the process. Here are some things you need to prepare and disassemble before movers will arrive.


Book Shelves

If your bookshelves have a glass cover attached to it, make sure to remove them. Professional movers will likely disassemble the shelve and wrap the parts separately. By doing this, you will save time in the process.

Beds and Frames

Make sure to disassemble your bed frame before moving. The most mover will load heavy and large equipment first, consider waking up early and disassemble your bed before movers will arrive.

Large Tables

A professional mover will separate the legs if you have large and heavy dining tables to protect them. Regular sized will be wrapped separately to protect your tables from breaking off.

Mirrors and Glass

Disassemble all furniture with glass or mirrors that have attached to it. You need to wrap the mirrors and glass with protective clothes or foam to protect them from breaking while your moving. Separate wood or heavy objects near the glasses and mirror if possible.

Make sure you keep ALL the  parts and place them in a secured plastic bag and label them. Following these steps will save you time and money.

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