Things to do with Cats once you arrived at your new Home

June 3, 2024

Before you arrived from a long distance moving, make sure to close your windows and doors closed and check any holes that your cats may be out reached. Inspect your cat from its point of view before you let it into your new house. Remove any hanging cords to keep them safe.

Once you arrived, Cat may disappear for a few days. They will choose their new place under your beds or closets. They will find familair sound, darker places to hide. They may try to escape to find familiar surroundings for them.

Make sure to follow your daily routine. Other cats are moody so do everything to get back to normal as soon as you arrived. You need to get them a special room, prepare their food or things to play to comfort them.

A shirt with your scent will help them easy to comfort them. Make sure to include something you have worn to get them comfortable. Once your cat realizes that they are with you in your new home, they will be back to normal lovable cats.

It is very important to comfort your cats especially from a long distance moving, Following tips above will help you and your cats back to normal in no time.


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