The Benefits of Using Penske Truck Rentals for Long-Distance Moves

June 3, 2024

Cost Savings

Renting a truck from Penske for a long-distance move can provide significant cost savings compared to alternatives. Penske is upfront about pricing, with no hidden fees. The company offers discounts for longer rentals, making it very affordable for cross-country moves.

Penske has lower rates than hiring full-service movers, especially for transporting large households. The customer only pays for the truck rental and fuel. With full-service movers, you pay movers by the hour for packing and driving, which adds up quickly. Renting a truck yourself allows you to move at your own pace without the time pressure of professional movers.

Penske’s transparent pricing structure enables accurate budgeting. Customers can estimate costs online by entering details like rental dates and locations. Penske won’t tack on vague fuel surcharges or overestimate miles. The company even provides toll-free numbers to call for personalized quotes from representatives. Renting from Penske gives customers cost certainty for a major life transition like a long-distance move.


Renting a Penske truck for a long-distance move offers unparalleled convenience. With over 2,200 nationwide locations, you can easily pick up and drop off your truck in most major cities and suburbs across the country. There’s no need to worry about getting your rental truck to your final destination.

Penske also offers flexible rental periods to accommodate all types of moves. You can rent a truck for as little as one day or for up to several weeks. Whether you need a few extra days to complete your move or want to take a more leisurely pace driving cross-country, Penske has rental options to suit your needs.

The Penske website and mobile app also make the rental process extremely convenient. You can quickly select the right truck size, reserve your rental dates, calculate estimated costs, and manage your reservation online or through the app. The entire rental process is streamlined so you can get on the road with ease. No more hassling with rental offices or handling paperwork.

With Penske’s unrivaled nationwide presence, flexible rental terms, and digital reservation capabilities, renting a truck for your long-distance relocation is more convenient than ever. Penske simplifies every step of the process so you can focus on the move itself.

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Renting a Penske truck for your long-distance move means you can rely on having a well-maintained and dependable vehicle to transport your belongings. Penske maintains strict standards when it comes to the maintenance and repair of their fleet. Before every rental, each truck undergoes a thorough 17-point inspection to ensure it’s road-ready. If any issues come up during your rental, Penske provides 24/7 roadside assistance so help is only a phone call away. You’ll never need to worry about your truck breaking down far from home.

Unlike other rental companies, Penske guarantees your reservation. When you book a truck, Penske will hold that truck for you. You’ll never show up on moving day to find there are no trucks available. Penske’s fleet size and reservation system ensure your truck will be ready when you are. No need to stress about last-minute availability when you choose Penske. You can rely on having the truck you reserved to help your long-distance move go smoothly.


Renting a truck from Penske for a long-distance move offers flexibility that you won’t find with many other rental companies or moving services. Penske has multiple truck sizes to accommodate moves of any scale, from small studio apartments to multi-bedroom houses. Whether you need a 10-foot truck or a 26-foot moving truck, Penske has you covered.

Additionally, Penske offers unlimited mileage on one-way truck rentals within the continental United States. This removes the stress of tracking mileage during your move. You can drive as far as you need to without worrying about extra mileage fees. It also allows you to take the most direct and efficient route to your destination.

Penske also understands that move dates can shift around. That’s why they allow you to add rental days as needed, adjusting your reservation if your move plans change. You can extend your rental period without having to book and pay for a whole new rental. This flexibility ensures you have the truck for exactly as long as you need it.

With Penske’s multiple truck sizes, unlimited mileage, and adjustable rental dates, you’ll have the flexibility to execute your long-distance move according to your unique needs and timeline. Penske aims to reduce the stress of moving by offering adaptable rental options.


Moving across the country in a rental truck can feel daunting for some. However, at Penske we make safety our top priority so you can focus on the adventure ahead.

All of our trucks come equipped with standard safety features like airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and electronic stability control. These features help prevent accidents and collisions by improving steering control and stopping distance.

We also rigorously inspect and maintain every Penske truck between rentals. Our certified mechanics check tire pressure, lights, fluid levels, and perform any needed repairs to ensure your truck is road-ready. You can drive with confidence knowing the vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition.

For first-time large truck renters, we provide tips on safe loading and driving. Properly distributing weight in the cargo area is crucial for maintaining control of the vehicle. We advise renters to load heavier items toward the front and not to exceed the truck’s maximum load capacity. Our team can assist renters with tying down furniture and belongings securely.

On the road, renting a large truck requires adjusting driving habits. We recommend driving 5-10 mph below the speed limit, braking early, and taking turns wider than normal. Allowing extra following distance and avoiding sudden acceleration or braking will lead to a safer trip. Our rental associates are happy to answer any questions and provide best practices for maneuvering a heavy truck.

Safety is our priority at Penske. From our rigorously maintained fleet to driving tips for customers, we do everything possible to make your rental truck move smooth and incident-free. Feel at ease knowing you’re in good hands with Penske.


When you rent a truck from Penske, standard insurance coverage comes with every rental. Penske’s standard coverage includes:

Additional insurance options can be purchased for added protection:

Purchasing extra insurance gives you peace of mind and reduces risks when renting a truck for a long-distance relocation. Penske’s insurance options are customizable to your specific moving needs.


Penske’s fleet of trucks are equipped with the latest technology to provide an optimal rental experience. One of the most useful technological features Penske offers is truck tracking. All Penske trucks come installed with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems. This allows customers to track their truck’s location in real-time using Penske’s mobile app. If your truck gets delayed during your move, you can check its status right from your smartphone. The GPS tracking provides peace of mind knowing exactly where your truck is at all times.

In addition, Penske’s newer truck models feature Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging ports. You can sync your smartphone to the truck to stream music or take hands-free calls over the stereo system during your long drive. The USB ports allow you to charge your devices so they stay powered up throughout your move. Penske’s tech upgrades transform an ordinary moving truck into a connected, smart vehicle. These conveniences make your long-distance relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible. With Penske’s latest tech offerings, you can focus on the road ahead while still remaining connected.

Superior Customer Service

Penske Truck Rentals set themselves apart with their exceptional customer service. They aim to provide a smooth, stress-free rental experience from start to finish.

Penske has knowledgeable staff available to assist with reservations and planning. They can advise on the best truck size and equipment for your specific moving needs. Their staff makes the process easy by walking you through timelines, rental lengths, one-way rentals, etc.

One major benefit is Penske’s flexible cancellation and modification policies. If your plans change, you can modify or even cancel your reservation without penalty in most cases. Penske understands that moving dates can shift.

Penske also provides support during your rental if any issues come up. Their 24/7 roadside assistance is always available in case of a breakdown. Additionally, if the rental location runs out of trucks or equipment, Penske will provide alternatives to ensure your move is not disrupted.

With the excellent customer service Penske provides throughout the rental process, renting with them takes the stress out of moving long distances. Their support before, during, and after your rental makes for a smooth, convenient moving experience.

Environmental Benefits

Renting a truck from Penske for your long-distance move is better for the environment compared to other options. Penske routinely replaces its rental trucks, so its fleet consists of newer, cleaner burning diesel trucks. These help reduce emissions and your carbon footprint when moving.

Additionally, renting a Penske truck means you avoid having to ship all your belongings separately via air or ground shipping. When you pack everything into one Penske truck for the drive, it consolidates shipping and reduces overall emissions. Ground shipping in one truck is more efficient than every belonging being shipped separately to your new home.

Renting a newer Penske truck prevents emissions from an older, likely less efficient vehicle you may own. It also means fewer total miles driven overall across multiple vehicles. Consolidating your move into a Penske rental is greener than making multiple trips in different vehicles. You save gas and reduce your carbon footprint by using a single, newer rental truck for the move.

Why Choose Penske for Your Long-Distance Move?

Moving long distances comes with its own set of challenges that many do-it-yourself movers aren’t prepared to handle. Using Penske truck rentals for long-distance moves provides peace of mind and convenience that can’t be matched by other rental options.

Throughout this article, we discussed numerous benefits of using Penske for long-distance moves compared to other truck rental companies or alternatives:

In summary, for an easy, affordable long-distance move with minimal stress, Penske outshines other rental options. Their reputation for outstanding service and reliability makes them the go-to choice for long-distance movers.