Decorating for the Holidays While Selling a House

June 3, 2024

When you are selling a house during holidays, when it comes to how we decorate our homes as homeowners, we take considerable care. Colors, patterns, and furnishings that appeal to our unique style and sensibility are carefully chosen. We put a lot of effort into how we decorate for the seasons’ events, even during the holidays.

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When people decide selling a house, we’re typically advised to take down personal items and make everything as neutral as possible so that potential buyers can see it as a blank slate. It also makes sense because it can be difficult to envision your own items in a home if the seller’s design style differs from yours.

But, with that said, the holidays are approaching, we’ve compiled a list of ten festive décor ideas that can help you celebrate the holidays without scaring away potential buyers.

How to Decor Your when Selling a House

Seasonal scents should be used

We don’t know about you, but it just seems like home when you come into a house that smells like cinnamon, spiced cider, or baked goodies! Instead of fruitier odors, use deep fragrances that are often associated with winter at this time of year.

Emphasize your home’s positive aspects

When it comes to holiday decorating while selling your home, you don’t want to go overboard, especially when it comes to the property’s best characteristics. Consider hanging a wreath in the window instead of a tree if you have a large window that you generally put your tree in front of so you can see it from the street.

Don’t overlook the importance of curb appeal

When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is crucial because it is the first thing potential buyers will notice when they arrive. Of course, you’ll want to make a positive first impression. You’ll want to double-check that the grass is clear of leaves and debris. Take your time trimming the hedges and getting rid of any dead plants in the flower area.

Take into account your surroundings

While you may have gone all out with lights, inflatables, and other decorations for the holidays, you’ll want to look at your neighbors’ yards as a guide in terms of how extensive your decorations can be. If everyone on your street has plain white lights, you might want to forego the more elaborate setup you usually go for and follow their lead. Similarly, if no one else in your neighborhood decorates, you may want to stick to a wreath on the door and call it a day.

Before you start decorating, clean and organize your space

You’ll want to make sure every inch of your property is clean and clutter-free long before you start putting out the holiday decor or having possible buyers come through your house. This is the ideal time to sort through your belongings, decluttering and packing the items you might not need right away. Selling your house doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate!

Make your holiday decorations less personal

Even if you adore the holiday decorations your children created throughout their school years, now is not the time to show them. Instead of the cute paper mache snowmen or clothespin reindeer, you want purchasers to focus on the attributes of your home.

Traditional winter decorations vs. holiday-specific decorations

We advocate keeping your Christmas decorations impartial in order to appeal to as many people as possible. This means that instead of focusing on religious holidays, we should decorate for the season. Stick to snowmen, snowflakes, evergreens, and the like instead of religious symbols like mangers, menorahs, or kinaras.

Select decor that is the appropriate fit

When selecting decorations, keep in mind the scale of the decorations in relation to the rest of your home. If you’re putting up a Christmas tree, for example, be sure it’s not too big to make your family room feel crowded. The goal is to make your home feel festive without restricting the square footage or highlighting your property’s best characteristics.

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Leave the hosting to someone else

If you’ve usually hosted Christmas get-togethers at your home, you might wish to delegate hosting duties to a family member this year. Even if you enjoy entertaining guests and arranging Christmas parties, it will only add to an already stressful situation. You don’t want to have to clean up after a party because you have a last-minute screening in a few hours! By refraining from hosting this year, you will be able to keep your home clean, organized, and in show-ready condition.

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Keep your color scheme in mind

You’ll want to tone down your Christmas decorations and be careful of your home’s color palette, even if you have some incredibly vivid holiday decorations. You can decorate the halls with reds and greens if your home has a neutral palette, but if you have a pale blue family room, those colors aren’t going to appeal to buyers. If you’re looking for some color inspiration, The Spruce has 21 non-red and green holiday color palettes.

When selling your home, you can still decorate for the holidays

Making your home feel festive while appealing to buyers might be difficult when selling your property during the holiday season. You don’t want your decorations to distract potential buyers, but you also want to enjoy the holiday season. If you’re looking for ideas for neutral holiday decor, Pinterest is a great place to start.

But remember, before you begin decorating, make sure your home is clean and tidy! If you don’t have time to clean your property yourself, we can put you in touch with a cleaning service in your area who can make your home ready for the holidays and possible buyers!