Relocation Guide: Moving to Cape Coral, Florida

March 2, 2023

Relocation Guide: Moving to Cape Coral, Florida

Moving to Cape Coral, Florida: Are you dreaming of river fishing or napping every day on white sands? Cape Coral, Florida, with excellent job prospects and spectacular homes for rent, is a charming southwest Florida hideaway. One of the best locations in the world for boating and sailing is Cape Coral, dubbed “Waterfront Wonderland.” Cape Coral provides beauty on top of South Florida’s warm weather and beach scene.

Moving to Cape Coral, Florida?
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Guide Moving to Cape Coral, Florida

Question is, does moving to Cape Coral right for you? Learn about the pros and cons, the weather of the city, and below, the best neighborhoods. With professional support, you can also learn how to make your cross-country travel extremely simple. We will link you with professional movers who will make moving to Cape Coral easier than you ever imagined, whether you’re worried about moving art and antiques, shipping vehicles, or just undertaking the burden of a long-distance move!

Are you eager to spend a generation on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast with 183,000 other residents? It sounds very enticing to us! Cape Coral is the king of waterfront land, with both the beautiful ocean and over 400 miles of canals. Before packing up and moving your life to this southwest paradise of Florida, you’ll definitely want to know a lot more.

House Market

Analysis reveals that, with a median rent of about $2,000/month, Cape Coral’s rent rates are higher than the state average. If you intend to remain for more than a short time, you might be better off shopping in Cape Coral. The average mortgage, for example, is around $1,179.

In Cape Coral, Zillow lists the median home price at $227,300, which seems fair given the unparalleled amenities, beautiful environment, and great school system.

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Cost of Living

Wondering how living in Cape Coral stacks the rest of the nation up money-wise? An index that will give you a good idea of the cost of living in Cape Coral is given by Best Places. Although 100 is the average cost of living index nationally, the cost of living for Cape Coral is 113.4. A 113.4 means that living in Cape Coral is slightly more expensive than the national average, but we are not shocked by breathtaking beaches and endless waterways!

Grocery prices are very similar to average, and in Cape Coral, services are below average, but the cost of living in the region is pushed up by housing and health costs.

Job Market and Economy

In Cape Coral, Forbes positions the median household income at $54,672 and states that health care is the main sector. reports that the unemployment rate in Cape Coral is 3.4 percent, which is significantly lower than the 3.9 percent US average. It has been rising slightly over the past year and is projected to rise over 40 percent in the next ten! Job growth looks strong.

If you’re hoping to score a job in beautiful Cape Coral, look for helpful information on open industries in the region at jobssearches,org. Professional services, manufacturing, education, and retail are some of them.

When you come from a foreign state, how can you get a job? Edit your resume and be imaginative but blunt about your knowledge and abilities. In Cape Coral, if you have friends, family, or any network, reach out to them. First, arrange a preliminary visit during which you can meet companies or attend interviews yourself. You will already have a scheduled visit when your prospective employers ask about when you will be in the city.

If you’re moving to a brand new business, asking your new employers to pay for your relocation is not reasonable. If it means they have to provide an expensive relocation plan, some businesses are less likely to recruit out-of-state newbies.