The Best City Incentive Programs for Movers

June 3, 2024

Programs for movers are offered when you move to a city. More people relocated from densely populated places such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., with Katy, Texas, East Hampton, New York, Cumming, Georgia, and Riverview, Florida receiving the greatest number of newcomers.

The coronavirus forced about 16 million individuals to relocate. City people who are fleeing their metropolises in pursuit of a quieter – and more economical – living are a clear part of this trend.

City Incentive Programs For Movers

And it is no secret that following a disastrous 2021 is difficult. That is why some of America’s smallest towns are working to open the gates and herd the welcome wagons for newcomers looking for a new beginning.

It may sound too good to be true, but city initiatives assure us that it is really real: certain communities will pay you to move there, providing a monetary stipend as a pleasant welcome to help boost the local economy and provide families a well-deserved respite.

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Relocation reimbursements, tax credits, and housing stipends all help to alleviate the financial strain of relocation.

Depending on where you move this year, you might save up to $15,000 on your taxes. Here are a handful of the areas where you can get paid to reside.

Topeka, Kansas

Initiative: Choose Topeka Initiative

Stipend dollar amount: $15,000

For qualifying new transplants, Topeka offers a generous $15,000 incentive, significantly more than many other similar programs for movers. The city has partnered with many of Shawnee County’s top firms to give the relocation benefit, which is easily displayed on the webpage.

Topeka’s low cost of living makes it even more appealing. It has an average single-family house value of $150,000, and there’s no doubting the cost of living savings when compared to many larger cities. The cost of living in Topeka is about half that of Washington, D.C., with Topeka’s cost of living being roughly 45 percent lower.

According to the initiative, currently, 40% of those who work in Topeka do not live in Shawnee County. We need to compete to bring those employees back into our community to support our tax base, our schools, and to allow the city to have more resources to improve our citizens’ quality of life.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Initiative: Tulsa Remote

Stipend dollar amount: $10,000

The George Kaiser Family Foundation funds Tulsa Remote, programs for movers that award $10,000 to eligible individuals who relocate to Tulsa.

You must meet a few conditions to be eligible for Tulsa Remote.

– Adults aged 18 and over who are eligible to work in the United States.
– By 2021, you’ll be in Tulsa.
– Outside of Oklahoma, full-time remote work or self-employment

Tulsa Remote, like many other programs, provides you a portion upfront and a monthly stipend until the conclusion of the first year, when you get the rest.

When compared to San Francisco, California, Tulsa, OK has a cost of living that is 56.63 percent lower, attracting a large number of people looking for a higher quality of life.

Northwest Arkansas

Initiative: Northwest Arkansas

Stipend dollar amount: $10,000

The Walton Family Foundation will help fund a portion of Northwest Arkansas’ Life Works Here effort, which will cost over $1 million. New residents can receive $10,000 by relocating to an existing desirable neighborhood.

When COVID took place, we really saw individuals reevaluating their lifestyle and what they regarded as essential, and we felt we needed to take advantage of that.

The area’s extremely low cost of living appeals to city commuters who see a chance to slow down, particularly as remote work becomes more popular. The cost of living in Fayetteville, Arkansas is more than 65 percent lower than in New York, New York. Northwest Arkansas residents earn around 14% more per capita than the national average. It’s a huge distinction.

Other state incentives to take into account


For people considering relocating to Alaska, the Alaska Housing Finance Commission offers a variety of tax credits and financial incentives. One such program is the Permanent Fund Dividend, which divides its entire value by the number of applicants. The Permanent Fund will have expanded to $71.8 billion by the end of 2020, and more than 211,000 applications will have been submitted just one month later.

Lincoln, Kansas

Lincoln, Kansas, is trying a novel approach to relocation incentives by offering land rather than cash. You may get a plot of property ranging from 14,000 to 35,000 square feet if you relocate to Lincoln. The free lots are in a fully-equipped residential development within Lincoln city borders, so you can take advantage of all of the area’s neighboring schools, hospitals, parks, and other services.

Even when you are responsible for the cost related to the construction of your home, the city of Lincoln supports the flipping and selling of these new homes, adding, The City greatly encourages any persons who are speculatively building to carefully assess our housing market.


Maine does not offer a monetary incentive, but it does have enticing offerings for college graduates. Students get a tax cut on their student loans, saving up to $377 a month for 2018 Bachelor’s graduates. Nearly 7,300 student borrowers received more than $13 million in tax credits from Maine in 2016.

The programs for movers are needed because “we don’t have enough people in Maine to meet our long-term workforce needs,” according to Nate Wildes, engagement director of Live and Work in Maine.


While the coronavirus has caused some financial hardship for families across the country, many governments and localities are stepping up to provide the financial help and support that many Americans require today, including some that pay you to relocate.

If you and your family are able to migrate and are seeking the finest spot to start over, you may be shocked to discover an exciting new experience in a community that greets you with a check, a deed of land, or a variety of other incentives. You can make 2021 greater than you ever thought if you work together.