Everyone’s Moving to the Suburbs, Here’s Why!

March 4, 2023

Everyone’s Moving to the Suburbs, Here’s Why!

Moving to suburbs? What is a suburb, and what advantages does it offer? A suburb is “a smaller settlement close to or within commuting distance of a city”. Suburbs are sometimes referred to as “bedroom communities” since they are residential regions with single-family houses, enclosed backyards, and plenty of open space. Apartments in the suburbs are typically less dense than those in urban areas.

As if finding an apartment wasn’t difficult enough, you may also need to consider whether you want to live in the city or a surrounding suburb. The debate over moving to a new city vs. suburb is an age-old one, aided by the reality that cities go through several cycles of expansion, decline, and rejuvenation over the course of their lives.

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With everyone from young individuals to senior folks flocking to metropolitan centers. The love affair, however, did not endure long. According to Pew research, around 175 million people resided in the suburbs in past years, compared to 98 million in metropolitan areas.

The suburbs were once again outpacing cities at the time, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further hastened this trend. Indeed, according to CNBC, home searches in the suburbs increased twice as much as home searches in big cities in May 2020, when the real estate market began its sluggish comeback.

Nonetheless, cities continue to offer significant benefits to some people, particularly once a COVID-19 vaccination is licensed and widely used. Are you debating whether to live in the city or the suburbs? Here’s all you need to know about the advantages and downsides of living in the city vs. living in the suburbs.

Benefits Moving to Suburbs


Suburbanites used to have to travel to the metropolis to get entertainment. However, many modern suburbs are planned communities. Farmer’s markets, retail businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues may be found in close proximity to your home in highly walkable neighborhoods. Even in the suburbs, several luxury apartment complexes offer a variety of amenities.


Many cities do have designated green spaces, which is true. However, nothing surpasses being surrounded by trees and grass wherever you go for nature enthusiasts. Many suburban homes have yards, and many apartments have patios or balconies with views of a well-kept landscape.


The outbreak made even the most enthusiastic city inhabitants reconsider living in cramped flats in congested cities. Many buyers and renters choose the suburbs because of their lower population density and large open spaces.


Although city crime has been steadily dropping for years, folks concerned about their safety frequently select gated communities in the suburbs. Overall crime rates in the suburbs are lower than in the inner city, even outside of gated neighborhoods.


Since there are always instances, on average, the suburbs offer more square footage for much less cost than large cities. Whether you’re renting or purchasing, and whether you’re looking at houses, condominiums, or flats, this is true.