Moving To Silicon Valley? Heres What You Need To Know

May 21, 2020

Moving To Silicon Valley? Heres What You Need To Know

Silicon Valley located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Silicon Valley is the home of many tech giants in the world such as Cisco, Oracle, HP, Intel, Apple, and many 1000 fortune tech companies. If you are moving to Silicon Valley, the cost of living can be expensive. However, there are more affordable places if you are looking for a dream job, Hayward, CA for example. In fact, the report says Silicon Valley has the highest housing costs in the U.S.

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Some Facts About Silicon Valley

1. Currency: US Dollar (US$).
2. Official Language: English with over 100 spoken in the area including Tagalog, Chinese, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and German.
3. GDP Per Capita: $65,212 USD
4. Silicon Valley was known as the Valley of Death as people feared personal computers would take over their jobs.

Silicon Valley Housing Monthly Rental Costs

1 bedroom flat (inside City Centre) : $2,200+
1 bedroom flat (outside the City Centre) : $1,800+
3 bedroom flat (inside City Centre) : $3,362.50+
3 bedroom flat (outside the City Centre) : $2,900+

Pros Living in Silicon Valley (Infographics)

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