Things to remember before Moving to Oxnard, CA

June 3, 2024

Moving to Oxnard, CA? Possibilities are infinite in Oxnard. Between trade, recreation, and leisure, residents in the region enjoy both works and play. With a hot year-round environment and a 20-mile-long Pacific coastline, locals live the good life of the Ventura County region in California.

If you’ve been thinking of making a bold step across the nation or moving to Oxnard, CA as the next step, Oxnard could just be where you want to end up. To see what the area really has to offer, read through this guide.

Moving to Oxnard, CA?
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Neighborhoods in Oxnard

The city is served by seven separate sectors, establishing family-friendly neighbourhoods in all of Oxnard. The districts of Del Norte, Downtown, Northeast, Northwest, South Central, Southeast and Southwest house approximately 200,000 people spread over 26 square miles. The city has Oxnard Community Councils, with safety as its highest priority, which hold constant meetings to encourage contact across the area so that people remain aware of what is happening both next door and around the city.

Downtown Oxnard is the center of the neighborhood, consisting of international restaurants, annual gatherings, outdoor festivals and holiday parades along the sidewalks of the area. In the city center, the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce is very involved, ensuring that all shopping, restaurants and regional activities 365 days a year are a success. Other people live along the shoreline, seeing large beaches and soft sand in their backyards, while other residents reside downtown, gazing out their windows to see business and shopping sites.

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Environment in Oxnard

The two seasons consist of warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Locals live very comfortably in the climate, with an average high of 74 degrees in August and an average low of 45 degrees in December. The average of both spring and fall is about 50 degrees, offering residents a good rest between warmer and colder temperatures. Locals do not have to keep their umbrellas too close, with just 15-inches of precipitation a year. And no snow means no need for a shovel, of course.

Car Registration when moving to Oxnard

If you register to vote, pay school tuition or file property taxes, the California Division of Motor Vehicles allows you to have a license within 10 days if you are considered a state resident. New residents must have proof-of-name, address and birth date after completing an application, as well as a social security card to get a California license.

To obtain a permit, a vision test and a $39 fee are also required. By filling out the correct paperwork and presenting evidence of insurance, registering your car and obtaining California plates can be done. Registering your vehicle in the Golden State costs $46 dollars.

Schools in Oxnard

More than 33,000 students in 46 independent elementary schools are served by the Oxnard, Oceanview, Rio, and Hueneme School Districts. Established in 1901, the Oxnard Union High School District has more than a hundred years of history and 10 schools that educate nearly 20,000 undergraduates.

Many area students attend Oxnard College after graduation. A variety of degrees and certificates are also offered by the two-year accredited college, which has one of the top 5 dental hygienist programs in the country. Although not specifically located in Oxnard, California State University Channel Islands’ four-year school is less than 15 minutes away. The local college offers top-of-the-line education for area students as one of 23 campuses across the state teaching 437,000 students. And if that wasn’t enough for area education, five other universities, including the University of Phoenix and the University of California Santa Barbara, have satellite sites in Oxnard.

Jobs Opportunities in Oxnard

Oxnard has many work openings to explore and a plethora of occupations to choose from in international trade, tourism, agriculture, and security. However, the 11.6 percent unemployment rate, more than 3 points above the 7.9 percent national average, can make it a little difficult to find the ideal career, to say the least. But if you want to live inside the boundaries of Oxnard, if you look hard enough, you can find a job.

As the area’s top employer, 1,994 employees from St. John’s Regional Medical Center would be the first place you want to apply, particularly if you are interested in the healthcare industry. If learning is your goal, then at the Oxnard Union High School District, which hires 1,500 staff, you would probably want to submit an application.

And if education isn’t your thing, then browse to see what other professions are available in the city in the Ventura County Star classifieds. If you have no luck with the newspaper, seek assistance in seeking a position from any of the many staffing agencies in Oxnard.

Cost of Living moving to Oxnard

Oxnard could be an expensive place to live, combined with the unemployment rate, with a median family income of $61,813 and a median home price of $289,000, according to CNN Money. While Oxnard’s cost-of-living rate is 1.1% less than the state norm, it is 29.8% higher than the national average. However, living in the city is more than possible with a stable job and a little bit of savings.