Relocation Guide: Moving to Moreno Valley, CA

June 3, 2024

Moving to Moreno Valley, CA: Moreno Valley is more than just a possibility. The province’s exponential development from 1984 to 1990 reflects this. Moreno grew from 49,702 to 118,000 residents, making it the second-largest city in Riverside County and placing it on the map as one of California’s most popular destinations.

Since 1990, the city’s population has nearly increased, with new people coming to the area from all over the state and the world. Moreno is a family-friendly town known for its plentiful industry, excellent education, and regional leisure.

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Read this guide to learn more about Moreno and get a sense of what the town has to offer adults and children alike. You might be shocked by how many options there are.

Costs of Living moving to Moreno Valley

According to CNN Money, moving to Moreno Valley is very feasible when all factors are considered, with a median family income of $62,522 and a median home price of $156,000. While the cost of living is 12.2% higher than the national average, it is 14.4% lower than the state average, making Moreno Valley one of California’s more sustainable cities.

If you choose to rent rather than buy property in the province, you can find affordable rates in local apartments and condo complexes. A small family can find many affordable places to live in the valley, with one-bedroom units starting at $750 and two-bedroom units about $1,200.

Job Market

Education is linked to jobs since the Moreno Valley Unified School District, which employs 4,000 people, is the area’s second-largest employer. With over 9,000 employees, March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley’s biggest employer outside of the school system.

Despite the fact that the region’s unemployment rate is 12.8 percent, nearly 5 percentage points higher than the national average of 7.9 percent, finding a job to help your family in the area is possible if you have a good mindset and perseverance.

When looking for work, the local classifieds or the Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce are excellent places to look. Moreno Valley staffing agencies are also good resources to look into if you’re looking for work in the region.

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Neighborhoods in Moreno Valley

Five different districts make up many Moreno Valley neighborhoods that cover the 51 square-mile municipalities, making it one of California’s fastest-growing cities. The dozens of subdivisions that locals call home include City Center, Belvedere Heights, and Box Springs.

Sunnymead Ranch is a popular residential area in the Moreno Valley hills. With one of Riverside County’s largest lakes, neighbors enjoy each other’s company both on and off the water. Safety and scenery remain a priority in the province, thanks to several volunteer committees in the small community.

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