Relocation Guide: Moving to Fontana, California

March 3, 2023

Do you want to pack your belongings and relocate your family? Moving to Fontana might be the right fit for you. The California city, which is located in San Bernardino County and was established in 1913, has also already become a state stop for fun over the years, but it ...

Do you want to pack your belongings and relocate your family? Moving to Fontana might be the right fit for you. The California city, which is located in San Bernardino County and was established in 1913, has also already become a state stop for fun over the years, but it is also renowned for being a fantastic place to live.

Guide Moving to Fontana

People of the province get along just fine in the region between work and play all year. If you’re looking for a taste of the good life in Fontana, take a look at this guide to see what the region has to offer.

Fontana Cost of Living

Despite being 14.9 percent lower than the state of California, the cost of living is still 11.7 percent higher than the national average. With a higher unemployment rate than the national average, the region can be expensive if you don’t plan ahead before you pass. According to CNN Money, the estimated median family income for new citizens would be $61,443.

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A median home price of $218,654 is also recorded by the financial publication. Fontana apartments are reasonable, with a one-bedroom unit costing between $700 and $800 depending on the landscape and comfort of the place. When you add in the expense of moving a one-bedroom apartment, as well as the security deposit and first month’s rent, you’re looking at paying more than $2,500 to get settled in the area.

Employment and Job Opportunity

With an unemployment rate of 11.3 percent, which is 3.4 percent higher than the national average, searching for a jobs in the municipality could be difficult. You will, however, find work in Fontana with a little confidence, a solid resume, and perseverance. Fontana’s economy thrives on both large and small producers, with a heavy trucking industry, many truck dealerships, and industrial equipment sales centers.

Kaiser Permanente, Aim, American Security Goods, and Auto Club Speedway are among the area’s biggest employers. Despite not being directly in town, the nearby raceway employs many residents and boosts local business by attracting tourists who dine and stay at Fontana facilities.


Fontana has a family-friendly feel all the way down every city street, with almost two dozen subdivisions and multiple community centers. Because some districts are more populous than others, there will inevitably be more schools and stores in some areas. However, there is still a scenic sidewalk to stroll from Bellgrove, with 191 residents, to California Landings, with 2,683 residents.

Fontana’s community centers provide a wide variety of programs to both youth and adults. While the Cypress Neighborhood Center offers karate and kickboxing, the Don Day Neighborhood Center offers gymnastics and mixed martial arts. With a teen and senior center in the area, both young and old residents keep their schedules full by making new friends with their neighbors.

Midtown, like most city centers, is densely packed with homeowners and businesses. The area is ideal for locals who enjoy a little more going on outside their front door, with restaurants, shopping, and leisure activities all within walking distance. Locals enjoy living in all parts of town, whether downtown or in one of the peaceful Fontana neighborhoods.

Culture and Contemporary

Natives never have too much spare time in the district because there is too much to do. On Performance Tuesdays, residents meet at the Steelworker’s Auditorium to be entertained by a variety of featured acts. Residents can be seen getting together on the weekends at some of the local parks when they are not having fun during the week. There’s always a place to spread a picnic blanket or play some ball between Bill Martin, Catawba, and Hunter’s Ridge Parks.

Citizens flock to the Center State Theater to see a display, while the Mary Vagle Museum and Nature Center draw those seeking a more relaxing environment. The Jack Bulik Teen Center serves the youth of the city, offering free or low-cost programs throughout the year.

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So many regional restaurants satiate the palate, serving a wide selection of cuisines throughout the city. If you want Mexican cuisine, go to El Ranchero at Falcon Ridge, if you want seafood, go to Charlie’s Tastee Shop, and if you just want a slice of pie, go to the Round Table. Finding restaurants and other hotspots in the area may be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your stay. You and your family will get to know all that Fontana has to say as you build new memories.

Climate: Moving to Fontana

Moving to Fontana can become a little uncomfortable during the season unless you are in an air-conditioned location, with very hot summers that see some days hitting over 100 degrees.

With daily temperatures reaching 95 degrees in July and August, and 91 degrees in September, residents look forward to the fall season, which brings cooler temperatures ranging from 80 to 50 degrees.

Spring, like autumn, typically sees temperatures stay in the same range for a few months, and winter ushers in the coldest season of the year. Temperatures drop to 44 degrees in December, the coldest month of the year, but there are still 69 degree days. While there is no snow in the California community, residents do receive nearly 15 inches of rain per year.

Moving to Fontana Tips

Check Fontana, California to get a feel for the city and decide if you want to call it your home. There is no better way to get to know a place than to stay there for a few days.

On the Internet, look at local education and business opportunities to see if the schools and businesses are a good match for you and your family.

If you do plan to move, get in touch with local voluntary groups and clubs. In Fontana, making friends while making a difference is a perfect way to feel good and have fun.