Relocation Guide: Tips on Moving to Durham, NC

June 3, 2024

Like Research Triangle Park, Duke University, and Dame’s Chicken & Waffles, there’s a lot to love about moving to Durham.

Whenever it comes to the Research Triangle, when compared to neighboring towns, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, Durham is undoubtedly the more moderately priced alternative.

Guide Moving to Durham, NC

The city has become a university town that caters heavily to students all over the world drawn by cheap rents and campus vicinity.

Durham has a lot going on that makes it tricky to research a pass. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork to find every piece of relevant information you’ll need to plan for your transfer to Bull City.

moving to Durham, NC

The Durham, NC Districts

Depending on their proximity to Duke, the Research Triangle, and Downtown, the communities around Durham may differ quite wildly, but each offers its own special feel.

Durham can generally be split into five specific districts: Southpoint Area, Triangle Park Study, Rockwood & South Square, Downtown, and Ninth Street & Duke.

There is a reasonably large range of neighborhoods and communities that should accommodate almost any need, leading us to the crucial question: how much does it cost to live in Durham, NC?

Rough cost rundown

Those searching for affordable rentals can look for residential locations ranging from $900 to $1,000 per month in neighborhoods like Trinity Heights, Walltown, and Ashley Forest.

Around Edgemont, Franklin Village, and Golden Belt, the more reasonably priced leases can be found with average rents ranging from $1,000 to $1,100 monthly.

And if you’re all set to spend $1,200 or more on rent, you’re going to find a lot of options in Burch Avenue and Central Park.

Durham Apartment Rental

When looking for an apartment in Durham, facilities should be your first concern. You’ll definitely want to make sure your place has some sort of heat and air conditioning because it gets so hot in the summer and pretty cold on winter nights.

Heating, cooling, and several other factors can affect your apartment utilities, which you should think about while looking for a spot. And if you don’t live anywhere that’s walkable, you’ll want to look for a washer/dryer apartment as well.

Buying a Durham Home

Durham is conveniently located, so finding a place to live outside the city that is within commuting distance of Chapel Hill and Raleigh is reasonably straightforward.

From 2016 to 2020, the median home value in Durham increased 8.9 percent, increasing it to $190,700, and it is expected to rise another 4.9 percent over the next year.

Though living in the city or near universities can be both crowded and costly, with easy commuter access, the suburbs around Durham can provide some reasonably priced housing options.

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