Moving to Chandler, Arizona Relocation Guide

June 3, 2024

Moving to Chandler, AZ? Chandler offers year-round sunshine, a strong economy, a rising real estate market, great colleges, and a wide variety of outdoor and cultural events, situated less than 30 minutes southwest of Phoenix. The sunshine all year round is both a blessing and a curse. Summer temperatures often climb above 100 and outdoor activities are curtailed by residents until the fall. But the summer sun makes up for the rest of the year’s weather.

Guide Moving to Chandler, AZ

The strong economy of Chandler and leading employers such as Orbital, Wells Fargo, Intel, and PayPal make this a top region for job seekers. In modest neighborhoods, you can find real estate offerings that range from mansions in exclusive gated communities to mid-size homes, townhomes, and apartments.

Big names perform at the Chandler Center for the Arts; city museums celebrate the history, architecture, and culture of Chandler; boutiques offer exclusive shopping; international cuisine is served by award-winning restaurants, and baseball fans are attracted to Chandler locations by Cactus League Spring Training.

Chandler, approximately 16 miles southwest of Phoenix, is a bustling metropolis that has expanded 6 percent since 2010, with a population of about 245,000. With about 330 days of sun a year, great colleges, a strong economy, and increasing cultural amenities, Chandler is ideal for families, young adults, entrepreneurs, and seniors.

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Housing Market

Just over 66 percent of the households in Chandler own their houses. Compared to the US median home price of $226,800, the median home value, as of summer 2019, is $317,400. The listing price is a different statistic from the home value, with the median listing price of Chandler being $349,900. In 2018, home prices rose by 5.8 percent, and Zillow estimates that prices will rise another 2.4 percent in 2020.

In Chandler, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,650, higher than the national average of $1,391 in the USA. With only 1.6 percent of homes and apartments available for rent, rental inventory is limited.

The communities of College Park, San Marcos, Twelve Oaks, The Springs, and Lone Butte Ranch have more moderately priced housing if you’re looking for more affordability.

Cost Of Living

High housing costs also push up the cost of living in a city, and that’s true. The living cost index of 100 shows the average cost of basic living expenses for the United States. The cost of living index for Chandler, according to BestPlaces, is 123.2 over 100.

Chandler’s cost of living is seen in the following indices: Housing 159.6/100, Services 101.6/100, Transport 128.1/100, Groceries 95.5/100, Health 101.6/100, and Miscellaneous 98.9/100.

$72,072 is the annual household income. A family of two adults and two children in the Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale metro area would need $91,024 per year to reach a “modest yet adequate” standard of living, according to the Family Budget Calculator.

Job Market: Moving to Chandler

Job growth and a rising job market mean that the economy of Chandler is good. The rate of unemployment, at 3.6%, is below the US average of 3.9%. Over the past year, Chandler’s job market has risen by 3.3 percent. It is estimated that future growth will be slightly better than average. Over the next ten years, the economy is expected to expand 30.8 percent, only a little less than the average growth expectation of 33.5 percent in the US.

Many technological sectors, including Autonomous Vehicles R&D, Aviation and Aerospace, Solar Companies, High Tech Manufacturing and Development, Technology and Software, Healthcare and Bioscience, and Business and Financial Services, comprise the area’s top industries.

Chandler listed #10 on the “Best Places in the Nation to Find a Job in 2019” list of Wallet Hub. Big employers are those of the top companies in the united states, including Intel, PayPal/eBay, Microchip, Orbital, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Verizon, NXP, and Avnet. Major employers are those of the top companies in the nation. The Chandler Unified School District and the Community Medical Center of Chandler are also important local employers.

Moving to Chandler, AZ?
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