Relocation Guide: What Cost of Living like when moving to Boise, Idaho?

February 14, 2022

Relocation Guide: What Cost of Living like when moving to Boise, Idaho?

Moving to Boise, Idaho? Boise is one of the Pacific Northwest’s fastest-growing cities. It’s one of the unusual areas offering a small town price for big-city amenities. In The City of Trees, things move a little differently, and moving here from another city can feel like a challenging mission. Luckily, we are here to guide you through the easy steps.

Even if it has recently become fairly well known, the population of Boise is surprisingly low. With a population of 223,154, the town is currently the 99th most populous city in the country.

Moving to Boise, ID?
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True Cost of Living in Boise, ID

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Boise is $875 per month, ranking it as the 70th most costly city in the nation.

Boise is a very exciting option with a significantly lower living cost index than the state median.

Boise Housing Market

While it is accurate that home and rent price levels have skyrocketed in the Boise area over the past couple of years, they are still considerably lower than other population centers in the Northwest. For example, Boise’s current median house would cost around $400,000 for a homeowner.

Moving to Boise, ID?
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Over the past year, Boise’s home prices have risen by almost 20 percent, but we forecast that in the coming months the Boise market is heading for more balance, excellent things for all home buyers.

All in all, the standard of living index for Boise is 100. That implies that the price of living in Boise is in line with the majority in the United States. For many people and families escaping “pressure cooker” markets in the western United States, Boise’s cost of living looks downright dreamy. For example, by contrast, the cost of living index for Sacramento is 119, while the index for Seattle is a staggering 158.

Housing costs are the key factor in the inflated cost of living in both Sacramento and Seattle. The cost of housing in Seattle is indexed at 224, meaning a house in Seattle would cost you more than twice the cost of a Boise home. So, while over the past few years, Boise housing has risen in cost, the market is still relatively inexpensive relative to many other urban areas.

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Utility Cost: Moving to Boise

You would end up paying for electricity and other services, such as water, sewer, and garbage, whether you choose to lease or purchase. The good news is that the total cost of Idaho’s utilities is consistently below the national average. The utility index of Boise is 82, indicating the median service cost of the city is 18 percent lower than the national average. Here’s a short breakdown in Boise of typical service expenditures.

Water: Depending on use and time of year, water bills differ widely. Moisturizing your yard every summer in the area’s dry environment is the moment when you’re likely to see your water bill rise. For a typical household, the average water bill in Boise in the summer is about $100 a month. You should expect to pay as little as $30-$40 in the winter months.

Electricity: Boise’s electricity prices are around 28.03 percent lower than the overall average rate, according to, which means you will save each quarter on your electric bill when you relocate to Boise.

Cable and Internet: Your internet bill will differ in Boise depending on your chosen plan and speed. Typical rates vary widely from approximately $20-$100 each month. (Learn more about cheap internet offers here)

Sewer: Calculate a base rate plus usage or the number of people living at a residence to measure city sewer bills. A monthly average sewer cost can be between $25-$40.

Trash: The City of Boise provides people with trash, recycling, and composting facilities. A standard bill is about $20 per month for daily use.

Natural gas: Natural gas is a readily available means of heating your home and cooking in Idaho. Rates are inexpensive and have declined even recently.

Food Cost moving to Boise

With a food cost index of 96, the cost of groceries in Boise is below the national average. It is likely that a typical date night dinner out for two would set you back around $40-$60. The rising number of restaurants and markets in Boise is also making widely available affordable food choices.

Just a few years, the Boise region has been joined by famous food chains, such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. A low-price leader in the region is the Boise-based supermarket chain Winco. You can find Albertsons on the other end of the continuum, also headquartered in Boise. In the Treasure Valley area, Fred Meyers, Wal-Mart, and Costco also have sizeable footprints, giving broad access to inexpensive and varied food choices for residents of the area.