Relocation Guide: Moving to Baltimore, Maryland

March 2, 2023

Moving to Baltimore, MD? Baltimore really has its own subculture, which is based in a rich past. In order to get acclimatized, here's what you need to do if you're heading to Baltimore. Baltimore is the city to turn to for those wanting a city feeling and plenty of things ...

Moving to Baltimore, MD? Baltimore really has its own subculture, which is based in a rich past. In order to get acclimatized, here’s what you need to do if you’re heading to Baltimore.

Baltimore is the city to turn to for those wanting a city feeling and plenty of things to do in Maryland. Recently, this vibrant town has been on the rise and is home to various attractions, companies, and more. You’ll have no regrets about moving to Baltimore, from a new-found love for crabs to watching some of the best shows of your life.

Moving to Baltimore, MD?
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Guide Moving to Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is a beautiful city situated on the Chesapeake Bay that contains a range of neighborhoods, cultures, and personalities. From professional sports and outdoor activities to cultural festivals and a vibrant economic environment, this diverse city has something for everyone.

As the modern city continues to expand, it continues to be one of the country’s greatest historical destinations. The area boasts an amazing past steeped in American history. Fort Henry, built in the late 1700s, is amongst the many historical sites to visit. It is known as the location that inspired The Star-Spangled Banner, our National Anthem.

Baltimore locals enjoy their seafood within driving distance of sandy beaches and relaxing ocean resorts! And speaking of driving, it was recognized that motorists here were a little violent, mainly due to road construction and difficult rush hour traffic. But most importantly, those heading to Charm City are eccentric and incredibly welcoming to the people of Baltimore.

You would want to go out and explore once you’re settled. The city has a lot to sell, in addition to the museums and historical sites. Just a few of the things that attract new residents to the largest city in Maryland are amazing restaurants, professional sporting activities, sailing, concerts, and nature parks.

Housing Market

Homeowners are the highest proportion of Baltimore residents, and 43.1 percent are tenants. 3.6 percent of the housing sector is made up of rental units and homes. The median home price was an affordable $114,300 as of August 2019, and the market is reasonably warm for sellers at present. You should expect to pay a median rental price of $1,313 a month if renting is a more viable choice for you, a little below the average in the United States.

In Baltimore, offers useful information on more accessible communities. These include Dundalk, Perryman, Arbutus, and Middle Channel, including Pleasant Hills. When selecting a new neighborhood, there are several key aspects to consider; the cost of living and crime rates could be the most relevant.

Cost of Living in Baltimore

Baltimore’s cost of living index is 96.8, slightly less than the US average of 100, according to To help plan for your forthcoming financial adjustments, Bestplaces helps you to equate your current city to your potential destination. In Baltimore, lodging at 61.1 and health-related costs at 97.1 are lower than average expenses. Transportation at 144.4 and services at 107.3 are higher than average prices.

In Baltimore, the average income is $46,641, significantly less than the national average. A family of four will need to raise $6,417.00 a month to live comfortably or $76,998.00 annually. This comparatively high budget indicates that dual incomes will need to be received by most households.

Job Market and Economy moving to Baltimore

If you are moving to Baltimore for your future, the unemployment rate in Baltimore is 5.7 percent, higher than the 3.7 percent national rate. However, as there are more than 21,000 employers located in Baltimore County, work opportunities are continually presenting themselves. An ongoing source of career development or prospects is provided by a large number of medical schools, colleges, and the growing bioscience industry. Over $36 billion is produced by private-sector companies for the market.

John Hopkins Hospital and Health Systems, The University of Maryland, and McCormick and Company are major employers in the city. There are also more than 60 federal departments located within 30 minutes of Baltimore. Health care, technological, science, solar companies, and professional services, as well as culture and tourism, are the top sectors for job seekers.

There are some important assets available to individuals who are searching for a position in Baltimore. The Baltimore County Workforce Development Center, which offers, among other resources, information, training, job posts, resumes, and application assistance, is one of the most relevant. Online tools with up-to-date job openings and career information are also available.

Moving To Baltimore, MD?
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