Moving Heavy Furniture? Learn About Moving Straps

June 3, 2024

Moving straps can assist you and a partner lift large items like washing machines, file cabinets, hardwood dressers, and sofas that you wouldn’t be able to lift otherwise. Moving straps are a necessity if you’re moving with the help of friends rather than employing experts. This is especially true if you have to walk up and downstairs.

When worn correctly, moving straps lessen the risk of injury by requiring less bending and twisting to complete the task. They’re also simple to use and inexpensive.

Moving straps, on the other hand, come out of the packaging looking like a twisted piece of nylon, and it’s not always evident how to utilize them. Don’t be alarmed. We’ve broken down how to use moving s in-depth.

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What is A Moving Straps?

Moving straps, also known as furniture lifting straps, work on the principle of leverage to allow you to lift more than you could otherwise. The straps, which are attached to your shoulders or forearms and slipped under the heavy object, disperse the weight. Moving straps also reduces the need for unnecessary bending by lowering the center of gravity of the item you’re lifting.

Shoulder and forearm straps are the two most common types of moving straps. Both versions are available for purchase on the Internet for a reasonable price. Shoulder straps start at $40, while forearm straps are around $25.Consider buying a set of each if you have a lot of people helping you or a lot of big objects to carry. After that, two of your pals can move a filing cabinet with forearm straps while you and a partner move a mattress with shoulder straps.

When should you utilize them?

Moving straps can be used to lift and move big objects at any moment. Moving straps, on the other hand, make more sense in some situations than others. For example, if you can slide a dolly underneath an item and secure it to the dolly, transporting that item using the dolly is easier and safer. However, instead of utilizing a dolly, you’d be better off using movable straps to move that same object down the steps.

Moving straps, on the other hand, are a far better solution than nothing at all if you don’t have a dolly. Lifting a couch without adjusting the straps, for example, involves more energy and forces you to bend and reposition in ways that can cause damage.

Using forearm straps to move

Each end of the forearm moving strap has a loop. Your forearm is attached to one end, while your partner is attached to the other. Because you’ll be moving stuff with two straps, you’ll have two straps on your forearms, one of which will be attached to one of your partner’s forearms.

You won’t be able to move the big goods you could with shoulder moving straps because your forearms aren’t as powerful as your shoulders. For example, forearm straps work well for lifting a mattress or chaise lounge, while shoulder straps are required for moving a washing machine or refrigerator.

Using shoulder straps to move

Shoulder moving straps, also known as shoulder dolly, are made up of a harness that slips over your shoulders and a detachable lifting strap. (If you’re not sure how to put your shoulder moving straps on, consult the diagram that came with them.) The straps usually form an “x” in the back and have a bar in front that links to the lifting strap.

Leverage uniformly distributes the weight on the shoulders as you lift using shoulder moving straps, allowing you to move heavier items than you could on your own or with forearm shoulder straps. Shoulder straps, unlike forearm straps, allow you to use your hands to help support the item.

Is there too much work?

Consider hiring a professional moving company instead of the lifting sounds like too much work, even with moving straps. All of the heavy liftings will be done for you by professional movers. If you request it, most will even pack your items. To discover the proper people for the job, look through our large network of dependable, licensed, and insured movers.