How to Stay Organized After Moving Day

March 3, 2023

How to Stay Organized After Moving Day

How to Stay Organized After a Move or during a Moving day? You’ve moved into your new home and are surrounded by all of your belongings. Take a deep breath first. You’ve come this far! Now comes the exciting part: making your house a home.

Distractions should be avoided, and games and television should not be unpacked

We might recommend making a music playlist to keep you entertained, but we don’t think you should get your TV set up and turned on right away. If you have a TV show or a movie on, you might find yourself sitting on the couch instead of unpacking. So much enticement…

Another diversion? Youngsters. You’ll also want to make a plan for your pets during the moving day and unpacking process so they don’t get in the way. The same is true for children. Make a plan to keep them occupied, or if possible, drop them off at grandma’s house so you can unpack uninterrupted. It’s all about limiting distractions so you can devote enough hours to getting your house in shape!

Only unpack one room at a time

Rather than hopping from room to room, we recommend making a list of your rooms in order of importance. Then, don’t move on to the next room until the one you’re in is finished.

The kitchen, bedrooms, and children’s rooms should be prioritized, while the guest room and garage may not require immediate attention. Also, before you get too carried away going through boxes, make sure you have all of your furniture and appliances set up. Did you first clean your counters? You’ll need places to put everything as you take it out of the boxes, so having dressers and cabinets ready to go is a must!

As You Go, Break Down Boxes in Real Time

It may be tempting to simply toss empty boxes into a large corner as you unpack them. But trust us when we say that pile will quickly out of control, and you won’t be able to walk around your house without an empty box falling on you. Make one of the boxes the designated paper box. As you’re unpacking boxes, crumple up the paper and stuff it into one of them. Then, as you unpack, make sure to break down boxes. You’ll need a utility knife to complete this task quickly.

Do not unpack everything

There may be some boxes that do not need to be opened. Christmas decorations, we’re looking at you. Make a big pile of items that are likely to go to storage or the garage. Then, in the coming days, make sure to get those items to that location.

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How to Stay Organized After Moving Day

What to Do Now That You’ve Unpacked?

You’ve done it! You made it through moving day unscathed, and every box in your home has been unpacked. You should be feeling pretty good about yourself right now, but the party isn’t over yet. There are a few things you can do to finish your unloading and packing.

Utilize Those Moving Boxes

If you plan on moving again soon, you might want to keep some of the boxes that are still in good condition. Organize your boxes and find a place to neatly store them. Are you wondering, “What am I going to do with all of that cardboard?” Don’t be concerned! Instead, experiment with some of the cardboard hacks.

If you don’t feel like getting creative with cardboard, you can recycle your moving boxes. Check out this searchable database to find the nearest location to recycle anything (including moving boxes!). Just make a deadline for yourself to get those moving boxes out of your new place so they don’t pile up in the garage indefinitely.

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Let’s get started on the decorating! (Within a Month)

We always say that you need to live in your home for a while before you can properly decorate it. So many people buy furniture and accessories for their home without giving each room a thorough test run, and they end up with design regret. Yes, wait until you’ve spent some time in your new place before painting the walls!

We guarantee that after 2-3 months, you will make much better decorating decisions.

Unpacking may not appear to be the most enjoyable part of the moving process, but it is! We guarantee that these hints will make your unpacking process easier and more efficient.

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