How to DIY, Reuse or Make Money Recycling Moving Boxes

February 28, 2023

How to DIY, Reuse or  Make Money Recycling Moving Boxes

When you have reached your destination and unpacked everything, boxes and packing materials are over the place.

Ways to Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Make Money

Many top interstate moving companies or local moving companies are buying and selling used boxes. Ask your moving company or search it online. You can also list it to Boxcycle they will charge you a commission on each of your sale.

Use to Organize Things

You can use your boxes to store or organize things. You can sort items into different boxes. It is also very helpful for you to find thing if boxes have labels on it.

Use it on your next Move

Select the most sturdy and cleanest, Flat them out and set aside so you can use them for your future move. Also, you can give it to your friend and family who if they need them.

Toys and DIY Projects

Boxes can be a good protection to surfaces for your kid’s playground. You can also use it to make costumes, playhouse, coloring projects or pet beds.

Give it to your Neighbors

Ask your neighbors if they need boxes. If you are new to your place, ask your rental office or managers to notify the tenants that you are giving free boxes for them use.

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