How to Pack Wall Art And Paintings

June 3, 2024

There are various obstacles to overcome when you pack moving paintings and wall art. To begin with, the canvas provides little or no protection on its own, making it vulnerable to punctures and splits if not correctly packed. A drop can also harm the frame or shatter the protective glass if you don’t properly pack your painting or artwork. That is why picking the appropriate art box is so important.

Whether you’ve spent a small fortune on a work by a famous artist or have a personal tie to a family portrait, you’ll want to make sure what’s on your existing home’s walls makes it to the new one in one piece. To ensure that they do, we’ve put together this guide to picture and art moving boxes.

What distinguishes art boxes from packing boxes?

The most obvious response is in terms of size. Standard packing boxes will not fit most paintings, framed wall art, or even mirrors. U-extra-large Haul’s moving box, for example, is just 24″ x 18″ x 24″; a large framed poster is at least 24″ x 36″. A huge art box can hold a painting that is 59” x 59” x 4” in size.

Another distinction is height. In comparison to an art box, which is normally 4” or 5” inches high, U-compact Haul’s moving box is almost 13” high. Dead space accounts for the 8”+ disparity. You can’t put anything else in the crate with your artwork without risking it being damaged. As a result, you’ll have a lot of empty room in your car or moving truck.

Some art boxes have removable foam padding or features that allow you to change the size of the box. Art boxes are also often built of more robust materials and are designated as fragile from the start.

How to Know the right art box

When it comes to art boxes, you have a variety of possibilities. A box that works well for one artwork may not work well for another. Take note of all the paintings and artwork on your walls before deciding which boxes are appropriate for your move. Take note of their length, width, and height, as well as their price. A $5,000 painting clearly warrants more consideration than a $10 movie poster.

Most of the time, you’ll want to buy a variety of art boxes. Consider the following possibilities.

Mirror and picture boxes

These long, flat boxes are the typical solution for paintings and artwork, and they can be stacked to accommodate even larger pieces. (Place one box on each end and tape the boxes together in the center.) However, they are not cushioned. You’ll need bubble wrap, corner protectors, and Glassine to box your belongings (a smooth paper designed to protect glass and fragile surfaces). Then, before placing your artwork into the box, take the time to properly wrap and safeguard it.

Most prints, photographs, wall art, and mirrors will fit in a mirror or picture box. They’re also affordable, starting at $4.95 for one box, especially if you buy in bulk. Collectible and sentimental artwork, on the other hand, will not be adequately protected.

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4-piece art box

This customized box isn’t even a box in the traditional sense. It’s made up of four distinct cardboard pieces that fit over the corners of the painting. You tape the four overlapping sections together to form a box that fits your bubble-wrapped artwork precisely. It works fine as long as your artwork isn’t too heavy, but taped pieces aren’t as strong as a conventional art box.

You’ll need to cover your wall art in bubble wrap before taping the corners around it, just like the normal box. Still, at $7.95 apiece, it’s a good option for difficult-to-fit artwork.

Artwork shipper

Artwork shippers are made of heavy-duty cardboard with a plastic liner and detachable foam panels. They’re made to snuggly cushion your artwork with no effort on your side. Simply insert the artwork inside the box and tape it shut. Unfortunately, the added security and convenience come at a cost. Artwork shippers from Uline start from $49 and go up to $342.

Artwork shippers are best used for valuable and irreplaceable artifacts due to their high cost. Consider them an investment because the empty box can be stored between moves.

How to Pack Wall Art And Paintings

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Getting the right moving box size

Refer to your list of paintings and wall art before placing an order for art boxes. The box should clearly be larger than the artwork, but you also want to make sure that it has enough padding to preserve the artwork. Adding 3” to the width and 3” to the length of your artwork is a decent rule of thumb. Increase the height by an inch or two to allow for padding.

The foam is tailored for a specific frame size if you use an art shipper. It’s possible that your painting won’t perfectly fit the dimensions. If the painting is important enough to warrant employing an artwork shipper, bubble wraps the top or bottom of the foam cutout to make the painting fit snugly inside.

What Materials are you going to need?

You’ll need to pack your painting or wall art to safeguard it throughout the relocation unless you buy an artwork shipper with foam. You’ll need the following moving supplies in addition to boxes:

U-Haul also has a picture packer kit that you might want to look into. The kit suspends the painting inside the box with four corner protectors held in place by a strap. Wrap the framed canvas or glass in at least one layer of bubble wrap to preserve it even more.

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How to pack paintings and wall art

Gather your boxes and supplies in a designated space before you begin packing your artwork. A dining room table or a folding table that has been protected with a blanket will suffice. Begin by placing a painting on the table.

-If necessary, assemble the box. Tape the bottom of the box shut and slide the artwork inside.

-Fill in the gaps with Peanut Packing Material.

-Seal the box with packing tape and clearly label it “FRAGILE” on the outside (if the box doesn’t already say so).

You can hire expert movers to perform the job for you

If you hire a professional mover to perform the job for you, you won’t have to worry about obtaining high-quality art boxes or packaging your artwork. Professional movers already have the boxes you’ll need on hand, and they know how to pack wall art and mirrors appropriately. You don’t have to look any further than to find them. Our moving partners have been thoroughly vetted, making it simple to pick the best moving company for the job. Our network’s relocation companies are all certified and insured, so you won’t have to worry about your prized possessions arriving in great shape.

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