Guide Moving To Fort Wayne, Indiana

March 2, 2023

Guide Moving To Fort Wayne, Indiana

Moving to Fort Wayne Guide: Fort Wayne is both a cultural and economic hub located in northeastern Indiana, as the second most populated city in the state. In the city, three rivers meet, connecting Fort Wayne to its timeline.

Michigan is 50 miles north, and Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, and Milwaukee are all within 300 thousand miles of the Ohio border.

Fort Wayne offers an appealing mix of culture as one of the largest metropolitan cities in the state, along with an intimate feeling that includes quiet neighborhoods, local festivals such as the BuskerFest, Three Rivers Festival, which honors the compassionate performance artist, and more.

In addition, Fort Wayne succeeded in weathering the economic downturn of the 1980s that many other cities in the Rust Belt felt with the loss of manufacturing jobs. A long-term revitalization plan has been initiated by the city, involving investments from major manufacturers such as General Motors and BAE Systems.

Guide Moving to Fort Wayne

The community of Fort Wayne is around 264,488 individuals, making it Indiana’s second-most populated urban. Fort Wayne is steeped in heritage and culture, from the Algonquian tribal capital to a French outpost, to the Fort Wayne trading post and garrison.

Fort Wayne is home to many families of Amish people and claims to be one of the US’s most conservative populations. The City of Churches is the headquarters of four national Christian denominations and has more than 360 places of worship.

Housing Market

At 32.9 percent, tenants represent around a third of Fort Wayne’s population, and just under 3 percent of the city’s apartments and houses are available for sale. In Fort Wayne, the estimated rental cost is $795 per month.

If you’re buying a home on the market, as of 2020, the average list price in Fort Wayne was $179,900, and the median home value is $136,700. The median price per square foot is $98, which is less than the $123 average for the United States. In the past year, home prices soared 10 percent and are forecast to grow 5.6 percent by mid-2021

Housing costs are one of the lowest in the nation, but some neighborhoods in Fort Wayne are even less expensive than others. With Crown Colony, Southwick Village, Sherwood To Pettit, Fairmont, Southwood Park, Forest Park Boulevard, Lincoln Park, North Anthony Area, and Northside completing the list, Village Woods ranks as the least costly.

Cost Of Living is a good tool to find information about places to which you are considering moving. On a US average of 100, they base their cost of living evaluations. The value is estimated cheaper than the US median if the rating is below 100, and more than 100 means the cost is higher than average.

The cost of living in Fort Wayne is 83/100. Housing, ranked 64.4/100, is the major factor in the minimal price of living in the area. Health 80.5/100, Grocery ratings 88.7/100, and services, 90.7 ratings all contribute to the affordable cost of living for Fort Wayne.

The average salary is $23,607 for a resident of Fort Wayne, which is lower than the US average of $28,555 per year. $45,853 is the annual household income. If you were to use the Family Budget Calculator of the Economic Policy Institute, you’d see that a family of four would need $6,338 monthly for a modest lifestyle, which amounts to $76,057 per year.

Job Market in Fort Wayne

Thanks to certain major investments from manufacturers such as General Motors and BAE Systems, new job growth in the region has occurred. Over the past year, the job market has risen by 2.7 percent and is projected to flourish by 38.6 percent over the next ten years, better than the 33.5 percent average estimated by the US. Fort Wayne’s unemployment rate is 3.3 percent, which is significantly lower than the 3.9 percent US average.

Fort Wayne’s top four sectors are hospitals, manufacturing, banking, and retail trade. Parkview Health Services, Lutheran Health Network, General Motors, Lincoln Financial Company, BFGoodrich, Sweetwater Sound, Frontier Communications, and Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp. are the top employers. If you need any assistance to find a job in Fort Wayne, you can consult WorkOne Northeast, which is an area career center that will be willing to help you find a job.

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