The Essential Grocery List After Moving to a New Home

June 3, 2024

Our must-have essential grocery list will guarantee that your new kitchen, pantry, and cleaning supply closet have everything you need to get your house running smoothly.

Your list of rooms that need to be packed is getting shorter by the day. However, when your move-out date approaches, you may be unsure what to do with your current food and household goods. You’ll need to resupply once your relocation is through, after paring down using our pre-move meal prep and donating to your local food bank.

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Essential Grocery List

Non-Food Starter Kit

Don’t be left in the dark with your light bulbs! Invest in a few packs of energy-saving light bulbs. Before you move in, find out the amount and wattage of any overhead or under cabinet lighting.

Adding a multipack of toilet paper to your shopping cart is a must-have on your essential grocery list.

Spills happen, so have a roll of paper towels on your kitchen counter to wipe up quickly.

Paper plates, Hungry feelings don’t wait for the kitchen boxes and dishes to be unloaded. Make a quick lunch on a paper plate that can be easily discarded.

Kitchen trash bags, as well as bigger, heavy-duty bags, keep waste and leftovers contained.

The happiest days end in laundry, so keep liquid detergent or laundry pods on hand in your laundry room.

Fabric softener, To avoid stiff, scratchy washing, invest in a package of dryer sheets or a bottle of fabric softener. Dish soap and sponges should be on your first grocery list to prevent dirty dishes from piling up in the sink.

Make sure you have plenty of hand soap for the kitchen and all of the bathrooms.

You’ll need aluminum foil and a plastic wrap way to keep any leftovers once you’ve cooked your first meal.

Use glass cleaner and paper towels to clean your new home’s windows and bathroom mirrors.

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Food Essentials

Eggs are a cost-effective grocery item that can be used in the main dish or in that Extreme Chocolate Cake you’re planning to make in your new kitchen.

Squeezable yogurts for the kids or Greek yogurt sprinkled with granola can make breakfast and lunch a breeze.

Butter, both salted and unsalted: You can never have too much butter, so keep a couple of sticks in your fridge and freezer.

Potatoes have a long shelf life and are versatile vegetables. Potatoes should be stored in a vented bag in a dark, cool location.

Onions must be stashed separately from humidity and heat, just like potatoes. Have them on the side for a quick stir-fry, a sandwich topping, or a slow-cooker onion soup.

For a quick lunch or light dinner, select a few various deli types of meat. To finish the meal, add a pickle or chips.

A package of hot dogs and buns can turn any day into a picnic.

If you enjoy gooey grilled cheese, roast beef and provolone sandwiches, or a quick snack of cheddar cheese cubes and almonds, then cheese should be on your grocery list.

In a zesty Caesar salad or as a topping on your sandwich, lettuce can be the star of the show. To avoid wilting, keep it in the crisper.

If properly stored, apples can last up to two months in the refrigerator.

How do I prevent purchasing items that I already own?

Keep a detailed inventory of any cleaning supplies and non-perishable things you’ll be bringing with you while you prepare for your relocation and begin packing. Make a separate box of “move-in day essentials” to ensure you have everything you need for the first day and night in your new home.