What Does a Celebrity’s Moving Day Look Like?

September 14, 2021

What Does a Celebrity’s Moving Day Look Like?

Even celebrities are all on the move. However, a celebrity’s moving day may appear extremely different from yours. In reality, superstars rarely move throughout the day to escape the media and star-struck followers. They also go to great measures to keep their actual move quiet and divert public attention when they do move. Here are five frequent techniques used by celebrities while relocating from one home to another, as well as ideas you may learn from them.

They employ the services of professional movers

While some celebrities enjoy packing their personal possessions, the majority do not have the time or motivation to do so. They hire movers instead—but not just any movers. Professional movers who specialize in packing and transferring the homes of the affluent and famous are hired by celebrities. These white-glove companies are not only more attentive to keeping the details of the move private, but they also know how to deal with the paparazzi if news of the move gets out.

Non-disclosure agreements are frequently signed by these firms and individual movers, banning them from disclosing sensitive information that extends beyond the time and location of the actual relocation date. They agree not to divulge personal information such as the residents’ living situations or information about a quirky collection by signing the paperwork.

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They have a whole fleet of movers on staff

Celebrities’ homes are typically substantially larger than the average home. According to the US Census Bureau, the typical size of a single-family home finished in 2020 was 2,261 square feet, although it’s not uncommon for a celebrity to reside in a mansion that exceeds 10,000 square feet. (Country music singer Kenny Chesney just listed his home for sale, which is over 12,000 square feet, while Mike Tyson recently sold a 19,000-square-foot Maryland property.) More space usually means more belongings, and the more belongings you have, the more boxes you’ll need to pack.

As a result, celebrities frequently require multiple moving trucks to transport their belongings to their new residence. Indeed, depending on the size of their estate, they may need to employ the entire fleet (though they may not use all of the vans to move their belongings—more on that later). Each van has its own crew of movers, so instead of three or four movers arriving and departing, celebrities may hire up to a dozen to complete the task quickly.

Take Note:

The majority of moving firms charge based on the number of belongings you need to be transported to your new residence. Make time before your move to clear and get rid of whatever you don’t need or use if you don’t have a celebrity’s money. You can get rid of old and broken objects, donate those you don’t want, or sell them at a garage sale. If you’re moving close by, you can save money by transferring some boxes and belongings yourself before the big day.

They hire professionals to transport valuables

The wealthy and famous frequently gather art, antiques, and other treasures, and they engage experts to pack and transport them. They engage specialists in part to ensure that their collection is properly packed and moved (extreme temperatures, for example, can ruin wine), but they also hire them because general movers lack the ability to handle specific things.

Take, for example, art. Even if a business that often moves celebrities is equipped to move an outside art installation or a sculpture park, it may not be able to relocate an outdoor art installation or a sculpture park. Professional fine art movers are trained to meticulously arrange each piece’s relocation, pack it with the proper materials, and reassemble it in its new location.

Take Note:

If you have a priceless collection, consider hiring a professional to relocate it. Alternatively, you can pack it yourself using the proper packing materials. You may get a robust picture box or specialist boxes for your wine collection from U-Haul to ship special artwork in. Is it better to listen to vinyl albums or read comic books? Learn how to properly store, pack, and move them, then buy the packing supplies you’ll need to deliver to your new home in tip-top shape.

On relocation day, they move at unusual hours

Avoiding the paparazzi is one of the most difficult tasks for celebrities. They don’t want paparazzi photographing their possessions or their new home. Of course, if they are there on moving day, they do not want their images plastered across the front pages of the tabloids.

Celebrities prevent this by moving late at night or extremely early in the morning. They can even give the paparazzi a bogus moving date to confuse them. As a result, it’s exceedingly unlikely that a throng will form or that unwanted entry to their property will occur.

Take Note:

Most people don’t have to keep their move date a secret, but you can follow in the footsteps of superstars and plan your move ahead of time. Movers are usually at their most energetic first thing in the morning. Theoretically, if you’re their first move of the day, they’ll be able to complete the task faster and more efficiently than they would later in the day.

Plus, because you’re the first visit of the day, movers are more likely to arrive on time. As the day progresses, they may go behind schedule, leaving you waiting for them to arrive.

They Have Decoy Vans During the Move

Multiple moving vans are usually used for celebrity moves. As previously stated, celebrities tend to have more belongings and require more vans to transport them. They will, however, employ additional vans to serve as decoys to confuse the photographers. They may, for example, send two vans off in one direction first, luring any paparazzi present on a wild goose chase. They’ll next dispatch the moving vans with their belongings to their new home.

Take Note:

Even if you don’t need to employ a decoy to fool the paparazzi, you should spend more time planning your move. Make sure your boxes are packed and ready to travel if you’re relocating yourself. Have a team of relatives and friends to assist you, as well as a general schedule for the day. Driving the road from your existing home to your new home is beneficial since you will know the best route to take on moving day and will be able to address any problems ahead of time.

If you’ve hired professional movers to pack and relocate your belongings, know when they’ll come and be ready to meet them. Ascertain that they have at least one unobstructed path through your house to the moving van. It’s a good idea to have refreshments and snacks on hand, as well as to be available to answer inquiries. Tip them for their services at the conclusion of the day. You are not required to do so, but your movers will appreciate it.