Additional Moving Fees You Never Expected

June 3, 2024

We always wanted to save money when moving. We discuss all the types of additional moving fees so you know how to deal with them and what to expect. The moving company’s initial estimate included all charges. But there are many factors to consider for an extra fee. Let’s discuss this.

The Distance from the Truck

Let’s say the moving truck is too far from your front door. Most movers will charge extra fees for moving over 75 feet from your front door.

Stair Counts

If you are living in a building or apartment with more than 2 sets of stairs, they will charge you additional fees. If you ask your friends to move all your belongings out of your apartment, you can save money.

Elevator Fee

Some movers ask for extra fees if your apartment requires a lengthy elevator ride.

Stop Over

If you need to pick up something in another residence while on the move. Additional stops from the primary residence will cost you a fee.


If you have time to disconnect and reconnect small and big appliances, do it yourself. Some movers will ask for extra fees if you ask them to do it.


Most moving companies offer 30 days of free storage for a long-distance move. They will charge you on a monthly basis after that. If your belongings require storage for more than 6 months, ask them right away what it cost.

Crating and special packing

Special packing and crating are needed to prevent damage. Fragile items or valuable belongings need to be packed and secured.

To protect you from hidden charges and additional moving fees, speak directly to your moving company to find out the terms and conditions. If you need to book early, give us a call and we will assist you.

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