What You Should Know About Corporate Housing?

June 3, 2024

There are numerous concerns about corporate housing and whether it is a viable short-term housing option. There are a few factors to consider that are specific to your scenario when answering these questions. But first, let’s define corporate housing and figure out where to look for it.

Corporate Housing

Any sort of accommodation that provides fully furnished units for long-term stays is referred to as corporate housing. Corporate housing gets its name from the fact that it’s mainly employed by companies. Especially that don’t want to pay for long-term hotel rooms for any traveling personnel.

It can be utilized to lodge temporary employees or contract workers who are traveling to another city for business meetings.

While corporate housing began as a service for company employees, it has expanded to include vacationers, students, and others who need short-term lodging while relocating. While the fees are often higher than expected, the units are normally well-equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. They frequently feature parking and housekeeping services. Always strategically positioned to make commuting easy.

When Do You Stay at a Corporate Housing?

If you have the time to hunt for short-term accommodation, such as if your new house won’t be ready for you to move in or if you need to find a place to live and need short-term lodging to do so, we recommend looking into alternative choices, such as holiday rentals like Airbnb or VRBO. The importance of price and comfort cannot be overstated. Do your research and pick a location that fits your moving budget.

It may be easier to find holiday rental deals than corporate housing if you’re moving off-season in the winter. So, weigh your options or call the short-term housing firm to see if they can offer you a discount because it’s the off-season or you’ll be staying longer than normal.

Corporate Housing

Costs of Living in a Corporate Housing

It depends on where you’ll be staying, how long you’ll be staying, when you’ll be staying, and how big a unit you’ll need, just like any other rental. Corporate housing is usually more expensive than long-term unfurnished apartment rental. In addition, the longer you remain, the lower your costs will be. Many corporate housing businesses provide daily, weekly, and monthly rates, with the price dropping with the length of stay. Also, a one-bedroom apartment will cost more than a studio, a two-bedroom apartment will cost more than a one-bedroom apartment, and so on. You may also find that you are paying extra if you have particular needs, such as pets or infants. Make certain to inquire before making a reservation.

The location has a significant impact on the price. While we normally recommend choosing a place outside of town, depending on your ability to drive or your commute alternatives, you’ll need to think about it carefully. Make sure the location is in a safe section of town and access to amenities like restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

How to Corporate Housings?

We recommend searching using the terms “corporate housing + city name and country” in a search engine. Smaller, local businesses are frequently the most cost-effective. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has a good track record.


This is a great addition to your crash-in options. Staying in one of these is not a bad idea if you are moving. Just always remember that these housings are not cheap. They are for employees that are working in an area for a short period of time.

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