Things to Consider Before Moving Your Car

June 3, 2024

Moving a vehicle can be stressful, but following some best practices makes the process smoother. Whether you’re driving your car yourself across state lines or shipping it professionally, taking the right steps ensures your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.
In this guide, we’ll cover tips for preparing your vehicle, choosing transportation methods like auto transport services, and handling details along the way. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know exactly how to move a car or truck like a pro.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Proper preparation protects your vehicle during transport. Here are some key things to do:

Preparing your vehicle properly gives auto transporters one less thing to worry about so they can focus fully on safety. A clean, low-maintenance car means a smooth experience for all involved.

Choosing a Transport Method

There are a few primary ways to transport your vehicle over long distances:

Driving It Yourself

For shorter distances under 500 miles, this avoids costs but requires long road trips. Plan breaks to stay safe.

Towing With an Open Trailer

Works for smaller cars up to 500 miles if you can tow securely. Rental trailers may have mileage limits.

Enclosed Auto Transport

For longer trips over 500 miles, this protects against elements and can haul multiple vehicles. Reputable carriers should have continuous GPS tracking of your vehicle.

Shipping Services

Recommended for long interstate moves over 1,000 miles, shipping ensures trained drivers handle transport on an enclosed carrier like a car hauler. Read reviews to find reliable pros.

Assessing your distance, schedule flexibility, and budget helps determine the best method. For long hauls, auto transport services simplify the move through their commercial-grade equipment and experience.

Factors When Choosing an Auto Transport Company

If shipping your vehicle, evaluating auto transporters is key. Consider:

Taking time to find a reputable auto transport company is crucial for avoiding damage or delays. Sticking with established pros assures smooth vehicle delivery.

Preparing for Delivery

Once the transport process begins, stay informed along the way:

Being organized and vigilant at pickup/delivery guarantees the transport process goes to plan without stress. Ask carriers for delivery assistance if needed as well.

Handle Any Issues Professionally

No process is perfect, but taking the right steps avoids problems:

Representing your interests firmly yet reasonably leads to positive outcomes. Most companies strive to remedy mistakes, so focus on solutions rather than accusations.

Putting It All Together

Proper preparation, vendor research, communication, and documentation are key to any successful vehicle move over state lines. By following best practices:

Taking advantage of useful tools like auto transport reviews at Wowmover along each step means a smooth driving experience awaits you and your car, truck, or SUV at your new home. Let the experts handle the heavy lifting so you can focus fully on your big move. Your vehicle will thank you for it!