State of Moving In 2023 and Covid-19’s Effect

March 6, 2023

State of Moving In 2023 and Covid-19’s Effect

In many ways, 2021 was a year that was equally as tumultuous as 2020 so what’s the state of moving in 2022? Supply chain failures, a tumultuous political environment, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through practically every American community, household, and industry. It was no different in the moving industry.

So, in 2021, what percentage of Americans will have relocated? According to the US Census Bureau, 27.1 million Americans migrated in 2021, or 8.4 percent of the population This is the lowest percentage of people moving in decades.

We performed a poll of 1,000 persons who relocated in 2021 to understand more about these moving companies. Approximately 20% of our respondents relocated to another state, up 6 percentage points from 2020. We also discovered that 62 percent of migrating consumers faced shortages.

While people’s motivations for migrating differed, many movers mentioned political, environmental, and economic issues as motivators.

People Moved To and From The Following States:

Top states people moved to:

Top states people moved away from:

As you can see, just like last year, people are fleeing California, New York, and Texas in droves. However, a large number of people moved to those three states as well. In fact, nearly every state that people moved away from was also a popular destination for other movers.

This means that, while there were big exoduses in these states, there were also massive influxes of new citizens.

State of Moving In 2022

What Was The Total Distance Traveled?

Despite the fact that there were statistically more interstate moves in 2021 than in 2020, the majority of those who relocated this year did so close to home. Cross-town movements accounted for nearly half of all moves in 2021, with 78 percent of movers remaining in the same state.

Within the same city, 43% of respondents migrated.
35% of those who relocated to a new city remained in the same state.
Twenty percent of those polled relocated to a different state.
2% of those polled relocated to another nation.

Furthermore, 75% of respondents moved fewer than 1,000 miles from their previous residence, indicating that many people who relocated to a different state did so only a few states away, rather than across the country. The state of moving in 2022 looks like will be an upward trend of people continuing to move for various reasons.

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State of Moving In 2022

Why Were People On The Move?

The main reasons for migrating this year were the same as in previous years:

People’s secondary reasons for moving, on the other hand, reflect more directly to how they felt in 2021:

State of Moving In 2022

We discovered these intriguing data points in addition to the survey data we gathered regarding people’s moving destinations and motivations:

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